Threat to National Security: Civil Society Reacts to Genocide Call with Anger and Outrage


Concerned citizens, including former service chiefs, questioned police inaction and Opposition silence over Haridwar hate assembly

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NEW DELHI – The News of Hindutva hate mongers’ calling for genocide of Muslims has sparked massive outrage with prominent voices, including that of two former service chiefs, expressing anger over lack of police action in the matter.

The concerned citizens also questioned the silence of Opposition parties and mainstream media on the issue even as activists Saket Gokhale who recently joined Trinamool Congress wrote a letter to Haridwar police demanding FIR against those who made the incendiary speeches.

A series of incendiary video clips had surfaced on social media showing prominent Hindutva figures, including serial offender Yati Narsighanad Saraswati, calling on Hindus to kill members of minority communities at mass level and attack their places of worship at a three-day (December 17-19) event billed as ‘Dharma Sansad’ or ‘Religious Parliament’ in Haridwar, Uttarakhand.

Retired Admiral Arun Prakash, a former Chief of Naval Staff, expressed concern over the hate speeches lamenting the lack of action describing it as a clear threat to India’s national security.

“With our jawans facing enemies on two fronts, do we want a communal bloodbath, domestic turmoil and international disgrace,” he asked in a tweet.

In response to Prakash’s tweet, Gen. Ved Prakash Malik, who was Army chief during the Kargil war, wrote that such speeches harm the national security and called for action.

Gen. Malik demanded action from the civil administration against the hate mongers.

Activist Gokhale of TMC said if the police do not take action, he would file a petition against them with a judicial magistrate.

Social media users demanded immediate action in the case under the hashtag “Haridwar hate assembly” trending on Twitter on Thursday.

Congress spokesperson Shama Mohamed, while seeking action against the hateful event, drew a comparison between the hounding of comedian Munawar Faruqui who faced jail for the offence he did not commit and the Hindutva offenders who are allowed to roam free in the society despite instigating violence against an entire community.

Journalist Saba Naqvi sought the intervention of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the case.

Activist Kannan Gopinathan, who resigned from public services over abrogation of Article 370, said mere stating “we don’t support genocidal calls is not sufficient enough response from the majority community” as he pointed out that electing a state that was unwilling to stop it encouraged such calls for mass violence against minorities.

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