Police Inspector Beats Up Imam of a Mosque in Uttar Pradesh; Suspended

The Imam who was mishandled and beaten up by Police inspector in Gorakhpur.

The action is taken after a video of the Imam making allegations of violence goes viral

Team Clarion 

NEW DELHI — A Police inspector in Gorakhpur district of Uttar Pradesh was suspended after he was found beating up a mosque Imam, media reports said on Tuesday.

A video of the Imam making allegations of violence by the police officer has surfaced on social media. It shows the Imam, with his shirt apart at the shoulders, in front of  the mosque flanked by people, alleging that the police officer barged into the mosque and started abusing him. “He threatened to shoot me,” the Imam said.

The video shifts to another frame showing a crowd of people and police men in riot gear gathered in the lane outside the mosque. The police can be heard making announcements  through the loud speaker to the cheers of the crowd.

Later, the Imam said that he was gratuitous of the police authorities for taking action against the erring police officer by suspending him.

Following the suspension of the police inspector, Live Hindustan reported, further decisions will be taken after meeting with the officials of the Mosque Committee.

According to the report, the probe will try to look into how this situation arose. The charge of assault on the inspector and policemen is also being investigated, if the truth is found in it, then action will be taken, it said.


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