‘Moral Policing’, Says Karnataka Cong on Woman Objecting to Bus Conductor Wearing Skull Cap


BENGALURU — The Karnataka Congress has dubbed the incident of a woman passenger objecting to a Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) bus conductor wearing a skull cap while on duty as a case of moral policing.

A video of the incident has gone viral triggering a debate.

Lavanya Ballal Jain,  the national spokesperson for Congress said, “All women must take advantage of the Shakti scheme (free bus travel for women). Please stop harassing the employees busy at work. It’s unnecessary and it’s moral policing. We have brought this issue to the notice of our Transportation Minister Ramalinga Reddy.”

The video clip shows the woman authoritatively asking whether the bus conductor, a Muslim, is authorised to wear the skull cap. She goes on to grill him while making the video. The conductor calmly answers all her questions. He maintains that he has been wearing the skull cap for the past 10 years and no one has ever asked him or questioned him about it.

The woman further questions him whether the rule permitted him to wear the skull cap? The conductor finally says that he would bring the matter to the notice of the Managing Director of the BMTC.

The woman is heard preaching to him that he should keep the religious practices at home and should not bring them to the public space.

The video has triggered a debate and it has taken a communal turn. The people have supported both the woman and the conductor. However, the conductor’s composure and calm replies have got appreciation. — IANS

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