Khalsa Aid Distributes Copies of Quran in Iraqi Refugee Camp During Ramadan

A still from the video.

Netizens from different communities lauded the gesture of UK-based philanthropic group

Caravan News

NEW DELHI — International Sikh NGO Khalsa Aid is earning praise for a touching gesture of distributing the copies of Holy Quran as a gift to Muslims living in a refugee camp in Iraq in Ramadan, the month of revelation of the holy book.

The UK-based group made a gift of five copies of the holy Quran and gifted it to a camp manager in Mosul. They also distributed prayer mats to refugees.

Members of the group were initially distributing food packets for Iftar. However, when the camp’s manager asked if they could arrange for the Quran, the group took it as a welcome opportunity to fulfill the requirement and arranged for the same.

The Khalsa Aid, on its Ywitter handle, shared a video of the moment when they distributed copies of the holy Quran which is going viral;

As the video went viral, many on social media, irrespective of religion or region, lauded Khalsa Aid for their act of kindness.

International NGO Khalsa Aid has made headlines in the past also for helping refugees in the Middle-East and Europe by providing them with essential supplies, and also making festivals special for them.


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