Govt Flayed as PMO Twitter Handle is Used for Modi’s Political Attack on Samajwadis

PM Narendra Modi and Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav. —  PTI file photos

The PM is ruining his language. The people of Uttar Pradesh will teach them a lesson just like the people of Bengal did, says Akhilesh Yadav

Team Clarion

NEW DELHI — Use of official Twitter handle of the Prime Minister’s Office for making political attacks on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s opponent has drawn flak. On Tuesday, Twitter handle of PMO posted a statement made by Modi in which he accused the Samajwadi Party of showing sympathy towards terrorists and releasing them from jail.

“Red skull-cap wearers (a reference to Samajwadi Party) want to form the government to show sympathy towards terrorists and release terrorists from the jail. Therefore, you must keep in mind red skull-cap wearers are red alert for Uttar Pradesh: PM Narendra Modi,” tweeted PMO India in Hindi.

In another tweet, the PMO said that the red skull-cap wearers are only interested in red signal, not in your problems and sufferings. They want power for scams, corruptions, illegal activities and allowing Mafias to do what they want.

Such political rhetoric from the official Twitter handle raised eyebrows. Political leaders, journalists and others slammed PMO for making such statements from the official handle of the government.

Reacting to the tweets, Shiv Sena MP Priyanaka Chaturvedi called it “unfortunate” that the PMO handle is being used for political campaigns.

TMC MP Mahua Moitra also questioned the use of PMO handle for political campaigns saying that Prime Minister’s Office is being run by all kinds of taxpayers’ money. “Have everyone’s brains been fried in saffron sauce?,” she tweeted.

Prominent journalist Sreenisvan Jain said that PM Modi is not using just the Twitter handle but also other government’s platforms for political purposes.

Political commentator Rajesh Mahapatra called it “new low” to use official handles to take potshots at rivals.

Author and journalist Saba Naqvi expressed her shock over the use of the PMO handle for political campaigns.

Meanwhile, Akhilesh Yadav hit back at Modi for making ‘laal topi’ comments.

“The PM is ruining his language. The people of Uttar Pradesh will teach them a lesson just like the people of Bengal did. The PM is clearly panicking,” said Yadav.

AAP’s Sanjay Singh called the use of such language from the PMO handle “wrong”.

“The use of this kind of language from the Prime Minister’s official handle is wrong. PM Modi himself wears a kaali topi (black cap), and so does his party and his cabinet,” said AAP’s Sanjay Singh.

 “These black cap wearing people use their black thinking and black laws. I wouldn’t be surprised if they renamed Lal Qila (Red Fort) as Kaala Qila. Will they hoist the flag on August 15 at Kaala Qila? I want to ask them,” he said.


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