Will You Resign if Nothing Found in Probe, Kejriwal Asks PM Modi over House Renovation Row


NEW DELHI- Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday asked the Prime Minister Narendra Modi that if nothing is found against him in the fresh inquiry initiated by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) in the alleged corruption related to fraudulent renovation involving his residence, will he resign.

He made the remarks a day after the CBI initiated a preliminary enquiry (PE) in connection with the alleged corruption related to alleged fraudulent renovation involving crores of rupees in Kejriwal’s residence.

Speaking to the media here, a defiant Kejriwal hit back at the BJP government and said: “This is not for the first time. This shows that the Prime Minister is in panic mode. This is not first inquiry. They have got 50 inquiries done. They have alleged me in liquor scam, bus scam, school scam and road scam. They had filed 33 cases against me.”

He said that they had inquired everything against me in the last eight years and they did not get anything.

“In the new inquiry too again they will find nothing. So what do you expect from the fourth pass king,” he said in an apparent jibe at the Prime Minister.

Attacking the government, he said that they keep on playing inquiry game round the clock.

“They don’t work. They want to break me and should bow before them. This is not going to happen. Kejriwal will not bow down. No matter how many false cases they file, I will not bow down,” Kejriwal said.

“I want to challenge the fourth pass king that if in this inquiry again nothing is found against me then will he resign?” the Chief Minister asked.

Earlier in the day, the BJP hit back at the AAP government and Delhi Chief Minister said that the CBI inquiry will find out the truth.

The renovation of Kejriwal’s residence, which took place during the Covid-19 pandemic and involved a significant sum of money, faced allegations of flouting rules and alleged corruption. -IANS


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