Twitterti Denounce Attempts at Creating Sympathy in Favour of Bulli Bai Culprits


Bulli Bai

Bollywood celebrity Javed Akhtar openly came out in support of the Bulli Bai mastermind citing her age and situation as mitigating factors

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NEW DELHI – Soon after the Mumbai Police tracked down two youths and a girl behind the Bulli Bai, an avalanche of sympathy started pouring in for the culprits. There was a desperate attempt on the social media from people including Bollywood celebrity Javed Akhtar to shore up sympathy for the offenders citing their younger age and social situation.

The Mumbai Police arrested 21-year-old engineering student Vishal Kumar Jha from Bangalore, 18-year-old girl Shweta Singh and 21-year-old Mayank Jaiswal from Uttarakhand. Shweta Singh, who is the mastermind behind the Bulli Bai, is said to have lost both her parents last year to covid-19 and cancer. Many nettizens came forward to invoke sympathy for them citing their younger ages and social situations.

Priti Gandhi, who described herself as a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) worker, is among those whose hearts goes out to the culprits. Citing her age and loss of parental care, Gandhi said Singh is not a terrorist, and hence should be “counselled” and “reformed” rather than sending to jail.

However, many pointed to her earlier tweets where she mocked at the younger age of activists like Disha Ravi, Sharjeel Imam and comedian Munawar Farooqi exposing her double-standards.

She was also slammed for deliberately calling the activity as immoral instead of criminal which warrants legal action.

Bollywood writer and lyricist Javed Akhtar openly came out in support of the Bulli Bai mastermind and made an appeal to show “compassion” and “forgive” her by citing her younger age and loss of her parents.

Akhtar, who quite often makes attempts at appeasing Hindutva brigade by whipping up Islamophobic sentiments, took three days to condemn the Bulli Bai auction and took more than 10 days to condemn the genocidal speeches made at Haridwar’s Dharm Sansad.

Even while condemning the Bulli Bai, Javed Akhtar cleverly tried to conceal the religious identity of the victims, which happens to be the prime motive behind the Islamophobic crime.  On the other hand, it took him just hours to make an appeal for sympathy in favour of the culprits behind the Bulli Bai.

Akhtar’s appeal for compassion for the culprits angered many including the victims of the online harassment.

Journalist Fatima Khan, one of the victims of Bulli Bai, slammed Akhtar saying he would have the right to forgive the culprits if the victim would target him.

Another victim Irena Akhbar also slammed Akhtar for humanising a vile extremist.

Journalist and author Seema Goswami criticised Akhtar by asking how loss of parents at a younger age could be an excuse for criminal behaviour.


Some people also pointed to the double-standards set by Akhtar by showing him his previous tweets where he opposed the clemency for Kashmiri students suspended for cheering Pakistan.

Popular Anchor Rahul Kanwal was slammed for attempting to strike a chord for sympathy towards the culprits by citing their younger age. He was reminded of his targeting of Muslim kids who had to stay put in a hostel due to sudden lockdown.


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