Suicide by Ahmedabad Woman Aisha over Dowry Triggers Outrage on Social Media

Aisha was married to Arif in July 2018.

In the last minute video Aisha recorded she narrates mental trauma she went through because of her husband

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NEW DELHI – The death of a woman Aisha by suicide over the demands of dowry by her husband and in-laws in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, has triggered outrage on social media condemning the social practice of demanding dowry in India.

The last minute video of Aisha in which she can be seen narrating the mental trauma she went through because of her husband Arif Khan has gone viral on social media. After shooting the video, she jumped into Sabarmati river from the walkway near Khodiarnagar on Friday afternoon.

A complaint has been filed against her husband Arif under charges of abetment to suicide at Sabarmati Riverfront (west) police station. According to the complaint, Aisha and Arif got married in July 2018. But shortly after the marriage, marital dispute started as Arif and his family allegedly started demanding dowry. In December, she had to go to her parental house but returned after community members intervened. Then, her parents gave Rs.1.5 lakh to Arif. But the matter remained unsolved. In March last year, she again left her husband’s home and started living with her parents and two brothers in Ahmedabad’s Vatva.

A month ago, she started working as a marketing executive at a private finance company. But she could not endure the separation with her husband as she loved her husband. She admitted in her last video that she loved her husband one-sided.

On Thursday, she left her home saying she was going for work. In the afternoon, she called up her father and told him that she called up Arif but he refused to take her back. Her father Liaqat Makrani said that when she had told Arif about her plan to die by suicide, he told her to go ahead and send the video to him. She recorded the video pouring out her feelings and sent it to Arif. Over phone, her parents tried to stop her from committing suicide but failed. As they were looking for her, they received a call from her phone informing that it was found on the walkway and the woman carrying the phone jumped into the river.

As the video of Aisha surfaced on social media, it received a lot of outrage condemning the practice of dowry in Indian society.

Gujarat-based businessman Zafar Sareshwala put out the video condemning the behaviour of the husband and her in-laws.

Twitter handle Youth Against Rape asked whether she will get justice.

Describing the deep-rooted problem of dowry, a woman Amina Kausar narrated that how she has to refuse many marriage proposals because of dowry.

Some people took a pledge to boycott marriage functions which have dowry involved.


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