Scores Join Deoband Protest to Seek Justice for Hyderabad Rape Victim

The protest led by Tanzeem Ana-e-Madaris represented all religions and all walks of life and included key figures of Deoband.

Tanzeem Abna-e-Madaris also launched an online petition demanding hanging for rapists.

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DEOBAND — Hundreds of protesters have joined a candle march in this historic town demanding death sentences for the rapists and murderers of Dr Priyanka Reddy.

Protesters represented all religions and all walks of life and included key figures of the town. They gathered at Masjid-e-Rasheed and silently marched to Khanqah police station where they handed a memorandum, addressed to the President of India, to police authorities.

They held candles in their hands and placards with a variety of captions on them including the demands for severe and rapid punishments for the perpetrators of crimes against women.

Addressing the gathering the founder of Tanzeem Abna-e-Madaris (Association of old students of seminaries—TAM) Mahdi Hasan Aini said, ‘The shameful increase of crimes against women, Dalits and minorities in our country during the last few months is a blot on our shared values, culture and our country. During the last few days Dr Priyanka Reddy was targeted by four sexual beasts, gangraped and burnt alive in Hyderabad. This was followed by the gangrape and murder of a girl in Tamil Nadu.’

He added, ‘According to government statistics in our country the frequency of rape cases is: one incident every 15 minutes, four every hour, and 95 every four days! Most of the victims are innocent minor girls who in their innocent and angelic minds would not have even imagined that such a thing existed and could happen to them. Rape trials are dragged for ages and the victims go scot-free. We demand central government, specially honourable Smriti Irani, Minister of Women and Child Development and Law Minister Ravi Shankar Parsad, to amend the Pakso Act, present it in both houses and hang the rapists within thirty days.’

Maulana Aini also said, ‘The whole country, across all faiths and communities, is united in protesting against this brutal crime. Our town, Deoband, too urge those in power to introduce strict laws to stop these crimes and punish the culprits within 30 days through Fast Track courts.  We also demand rigorous imprisonment to the rapists and urge the society to socially boycott them.’

Prior to the march TAM also launched an online petition demanding hanging for rapists.

Protest march was also addressed by several other key figures including social activist Syed Haris who said, ‘Dr Priyanka Reddy was our daughter. She was a modest girl representing innocence. No human being with even a slightest sense of mercy and tenderness in his heart could commit such a dreadful crime against her. That’s why we, the residents of Deoband, urge the Prime Minister and all the legislators to introduce such severe punishments for the perpetrators of these crimes that would be a lesson for everyone with evil heart.’

Meanwhile, Jamaat-e-Islami Hyderabad (women wing) also strongly condemned the brutal murder and rape of Dr Priyanka Reddy and demanded justice for her and punishment to the people responsible for the heinous crime.


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