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SC Rejects Maulana Kalim Siddiqui’s Plea to Attend Nephew’s Death Anniversary

The Allahabad High Court’s bail conditions restrict his entry into Uttar Pradesh except for court hearings

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NEW DELHI – The Supreme Court has dismissed the petition of Maulana Kalim Siddiqui, accused in a conversion racket case in Uttar Pradesh, seeking permission to enter the state for his nephew’s death anniversary.

Rejecting the plea on Thursday, a vacation bench led by Justice S.C. Sharma, remarked: “The death took place last year. You knew about the date in advance. You could have applied before this (Supreme Court) bench that you have to go on such and such date.” The bench, which included Justice P.V. Varale, expressed displeasure at Maulana Siddiqui’s failure to attend his nephew’s funeral last year despite being the eldest family member.

Observing the court’s disinclination to entertain the petition, Maulana Siddiqui’s advocate requested permission to withdraw the plea, which the apex court granted, resulting in the dismissal of the case.

In August last year, the Supreme Court permitted Siddiqui to visit his native village in Uttar Pradesh for his brother’s funeral, with strict conditions barring him from participating in any political or social event.

However, the Allahabad High Court’s bail conditions restricted Siddiqui’s entry into Uttar Pradesh except for court hearings. He was granted bail in April last year by a division bench of High Court Justices Ataur Rahman Masoodi and Saroj Yadav.

Siddiqui’s arrest stemmed from allegations of converting over 100 individuals, with the UP Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) accusing him of orchestrating the largest conversion syndicate in the country and receiving funds through illicit means.

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