RJD Bihar Chief Accuses RSS of Anti-National Activities


PATNA – RJD’s Bihar unit chief Jagadanand Singh said that those involved in anti-national activities and working as spies for Pakistan are Hindu and connected to the RSS.

Interacting with media persons in Patna, he alleged: “Whenever dangerous persons were arrested by the security forces as Pakistani agents, all of them were related to RSS and Hindu community.”

His comments came in reaction to queries relating to the busting of the Phulwari Sharif suspected terror module last week.

Noting that during the investigation, one of the accused, Margoob, alias Tahir, was said to be in a telephonic conversation with a Pakistani national named Faizan, he said: “They (investigating agencies are claiming that a person has a telephonic conversation with a Pakistani national. The investigators should release the transcript of the conversation in public domain.

“They should reveal what the act was done by youths of a particular community which turn to be a threat for the nation. During partition, a large number of Muslim family went to Pakistan and their relatives are living in both the countries. Can they clarify whether interacting with our relatives in Pakistan is a crime?”

Accusing the investigative agencies of working on the direction of the Centre, he said: “We are not accepting whatever they (BJP) are doing in the country.”

Citing the case of Alt News co-founder Mohammad Zubair, he said Zubair claimed that he tweeted the content which was tweeted numerous times by other persons, but the BJP leaders tagged him as a fanatic.

Jagadanand Singh also targeted Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, comparing him to a pendulum.

“He does not have political strength any more. He takes the help of (RJD chief) Lalu Prasad sometime and sometime of (Prime Minister) Narendra Modi. He is a product of socialist revolution of Jay Prakash Narayan and Karpoori Thakur but now he has compromised all his ideology and is sitting with a communal force,” Singh said.

“BJP and JD-U are united only to enjoy power. They have nothing to do with the public. In the 2020 Assembly election, Nitish Kumar looted the mandate of Bihar on the direction of BJP leaders. The people of Bihar were giving the mandate to Tejashwi Yadav and he will come to power in 2025,” he said. -IANS


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