PM Again Ignored Plight of Vast Majority of Indians, Says Owaisi


MIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi. (File Photo: IANS)

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NEW DELHI — AIMIM President and Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi on Tuesday said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his address to the nation, once again ignored the plight of the vast majority of Indians.

“Today, Wazeer e Azam has again ignored the plight of the vast majority of Indians who have been thrown into a state of hunger, homelessness and inconceivable desperation,” Asaduddin Owaisi tweeted reacting to Modi’s address to the nation on Tuesday.

He said the Prime Minister had left these people to the charity and goodwill of the rich. A lockdown without thinking about the hungry and deprived is cruelty of the highest form, he added.

Owaisi said the Prime Minister’s “addresses to the nation” are things that can be done through a single tweet.


“As Telangana chief minister has been demanding states need relaxation of existing financial norms, fiscal relief and immediate aid.”

“How long will the Union government issue farmaans without providing support to states? How long will it say that states have the responsibility to feed hungry while not even releasing excess stock from FCI? If states are responsible then what’ll the Union do? Issue more guidelines,” he asked.

(With inputs from IANS)


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