Narsinghanand’s Lewd Remarks Outrage Hindu Women; They Demand His Arrest


Yati Narsinghanand

Our system is rotten. Otherwise, he would be rotting in jail, says Alka Lamba of Congress

Waquar Hasan | Clarion India

NEW DELHI – Hindu women on social media have demanded action against Hindutva-aligned priest Yati Narsinghanand for saying that when Hindu men go to work, Muslim men visit their homes and seduce their women.

Narsinghanand, an infamous priest at Dasna temple in Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad, has consistently been making hate speeches and calling for violence against Muslim for quite some time. Several of his videos have come out in which he can be seen abusing Muslims and Islam. In the latest video, he is also hurling abuses against Muslims. But in the process he is also making outrageous remarks about Hindu women.

He says: “Dear Hindus, your women are not alone responsible for their bad situation. Blame it also on our impotency and sexual weakness. They are making friends with Muslims. But they are not their only girlfriends. Their boyfriends have other girlfriends, too. Because, women like strong men. Women never like weak men. We Hindus are not making our children strong physically. Weak community and weak men are not able to keep strong women”.

In another video, he says that when Hindu men go out to work in the morning, Muslims visit their homes and seduce their women.

“Men go to work. Then, the ones who come to their homes are plumbers, washermen, junk dealers, AC mechanics, electricians, vegetable venders, delivery men, etc. These people are generally Muslims. They give their numbers to “Bhabhis” (sisters-in-law) and take their numbers on the pretext of fixing problems occurring in future. Then, they (Muslim men) would send greetings and jokes. A few days later, they would ask for sexual favours. Who would save those women whose husbands go to work. Today, our women are falling prey to Jihadis because of our weakness”.

Narsinghanand also said that earlier, most of the prostitutes were Muslim women who used to do this to earn the livelihood. But now most of the prostitutes are Hindu women. Hindu women are not doing this to earn livelihood but they are those who have been trapped by the jihadis.

In yet another clip, he claimed that when a Hindu girl goes to college, she looks for a boyfriend. If a girl chooses a Hindu man, she is harassed by Hindus as well as Muslims. But if she befriends a Muslim man, she is not troubled by anyone.

His hateful, derogatory and lewd remarks have drawn a lot of outrage on social media with several Hindu women demanding action against him. Why is he not arrested, many of them asked.

Congress leader and former Delhi MLA Alka Lamba said, “Our system is rotten. Otherwise, this insect, who had such low thinking about women, would be rotting in jail. This cheap man has pointed finger at all Hindu women who remain at home! Spit”.

Journalist Anusha Ravi Sood shamed those who support Narsinghanand saying that how did they take insults against the women in their lives.

Journalist Rohini Singh asked Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath as to why he is not taking action against Narsinghanand. Does he endorse such statements against Hindu women?

Activist Safoora Zargar asked all Hindu women to call out Narsinghanand’s bigotry.



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