Muslims are Told to Submit to Diktats of Majority: TM Krishna


The prominent singer and Magsaysay awardee said Muslims are being targeted on a regular basis with some issue or the other. This targeting is aimed at creating an atmosphere of hate in the society. 

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NEW DELHI – Amid ongoing campaign to demonise Muslims in Karnataka, prominent singer and Magsaysay awardee TM Krishna said that Muslims in the state are being kept on the margin and told to succumb to the dictates of the majority.

On Wednesday, Hindutva groups were allowed to hold Ganesh Chathurthi at the Idgah in Hubballi by the Karnataka High Court by holding a midnight hearing. Earlier, the Supreme Court disallowed the festival at the Idgah of Bengaluru after the Muslim side approached the apex court.

Muslims have been facing attacks, boycotts and hate campaigns since the BJP formed the government in the state.

Speaking to NDTV about these developments, Krishna said Muslims are being targeted on a regular basis with some issue or the other. This targeting is aimed at creating an atmosphere of hate in the society. 

He said, “It is a way of further telling a section of population that you are on the margin. You have to succumb to the dictate of the certain majority. If you want to co-exist, your actions have to be acceptable to what we think is right.”

He said that the claim being made on the idgah by the Hindutva groups for establishing inequality and majoritarianism.

There was the talk of composite culture among the people and that the society has failed to uphold the values of composite culture. People failed to uphold the composite culture at schools, colleges, homes and everywhere. These places of composite culture have been captured by hatred, he noted.

He also pointed out that the hatred, fear and lies are being implanted in the Hindus. There was a transactional relationship between Hindus, Muslims and Christians. There was never the relationship of equal citizenship among the communities in the country. “That’s failure we need to recognise and work on now,” he said.

This issue of equal citizenship needs to be talked about everywhere and even in person. Otherwise, evil forces will leave no stone unturned to vitiate the atmosphere and spread hatred. There is a cycle of hatred. In this cycle of hatred, no single person can be blamed, he noted.

Elaborating on a statement he had made earlier that liberals failed Indian democracy, Krishna said the liberals’ failure lies in rejecting human nature to accept certain faiths and rituals. The behaviours of the liberals towards the religion and rituals was condescending.


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