Congress’ Dr Jawaid Leads Group of 56 MPs Calling for High Level Enquiry Into ‘Sulli Deals’


Dr Md Jawaid with Union Home Minister Amit Shah.  (Twitter: @DrMdJawaid1)

They regret ‘lack of action given the gravity of the situation’ despite several complaints filed at various police station

Team Clarion 

NEW DELHI — Congress politician Dr Md Jawaid is leading a group of 56 parliament members in calling on Union Home Minister Amit Shah to initiate a high level enquiry against the criminals behind the Sulli Deals, an app that was created on Github, targetting Muslim women by putting them on a fake online auction to be sold to Hindu men.

The letter which Dr Jawaid put on Twitter regretted that “lack of action given the gravity of the situation” despite several complaints filed at various police stations.

The letter said that only two complaints have been converted into FIRs.

In the letter, supported by MPs from across the party lines, Dr Jawaid urges the home minister for “sever action” against men who he called “anti-nationals responsible for sexual violence and hate crimes.”

A high level inquiry should be immediately followed by the arrests of all those involved.

Sulli is a derogatory term used for Muslim women.

The sexually violent and hate-filled act triggered outrage on social media as the victims said they felt disappointed that no real action had been taken against the culprits.

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