1640 Students of Shaheen Qualify NEET-2020, Institution Announces Rs 5 Cr Scholarship for Meritorious Poor Students

Dr Abdul Qadeer (3rd from left) with his NEET topper students at Press Club of India, New Delhi on October 28, 2020.

“Children of those parents who have died due to Coronavirus will get 100% free scholarship. And others will get scholarship up to 100% depending on their economic condition,” Shaheen Group’s chairman said.

Mumtaz Alam 

NEW DELHI — In extraordinary performance by any institution in India’s toughest medical entrance examination, 1640 students of Shaheen Group of Institutions have qualified NEET-2020 and more than 400 of them are expected to get free government medical seats.

Addressing a press conference in Bengaluru on Wednesday along with his two top rankers – Karthik Reddy who got Karnataka State Rank 1st and All India NEET Rank 9th,  and Arbaaz Ahmed who got Karnataka State Rank 3rd and All India Rank 85th – Shaheen Group’s chairman Dr Abdul Qadeer announced to give scholarships worth Rs 5 crore to meritorious poor students who could not get good rank in NEET and want to reappear in it.

“Due to Coronavirus pandemic and floods in some parts of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, the economic condition of people is very bad. To help those students who want to become doctor and want to prepare for NEET, we announce Rs 5 crore scholarships on behalf of Shaheen Group of Institutions at all our branches in the country. This scholarship will be given on the basis of marks obtained in the NEET,” announced Dr Qadeer.

Along with Karthik and Arbaaz, 1640 students from Shaheen institution have got above 400 marks out of 720 in NEET-2020. While Karthik Reddy got 710 marks, Arbaaz Ahmed scored 700 marks. 8 students got above 650 marks, 27 students above 600 marks, 192 students above 500 marks, 347 students above 450 marks and 525 students above 400 marks.

Explaining about its announcement of Rs. 5 Crore Scholarship, Shaheen Group said: “The world is facing a global health crisis. While the Coronavirus has affected our social life and daily activities, Students have become increasingly worried about the impact of the coronavirus on their finances and studies. Shaheen Group of Institutions, Bidar, Karnataka has made a strong resolution to aid such students who are deprived of studies due to financial crisis in the pandemic.”

Earlier talking to this scribe over phone on Sunday, Dr Qadeer had said scholarships will be available at all 42 centres across the country.

“Due to Coronavirus, a large number of students could not study well this year as their financial condition was bad. On economic ground, we would provide free scholarship to students particularly those from UP, Bihar and Delhi,” said Dr. Qadeer.

“Children of those parents who have died due to Coronavirus will get 100% free scholarship. And others will get scholarship up to 100% depending on their economic condition,” he clarified.

“Our announcement is for students from across the country, including Delhi, UP, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh. We have 40 branches across the country. This facility will be available at every branch,” said Dr Qadeer.

The 100% scholarship will be available to those students (irrespective of their economic condition) who have lost one or both parents to the Coronavirus disease.

“The only criteria is that he/she must have appeared in NEET and has reasonable marks,” said Dr Qadeer.

More than 2,000 students are expected to benefit from the Shaheen scholarships.


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