With Jeetega Bharat Punchline, Third Opposition Meeting to Decide 11-Member Committee, Convenor


NEW DELHI – The Opposition bloc of the 26-parties which got the new name of Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance (INDIA) on Tuesday in Bengaluru has also coined the new punchline ‘Jeetega Bharat’ (Indi will win), sources said on Wednesday.

Sources said that ‘Jeetega Bharat’ is the new punchline of the opposition parties.

On Tuesday, after the new name of the opposition parties was coined, former Congress chief Rahul Gandhi dropped a hint of the new slogan with a tweet, “Bharat Judega, INDIA jeetega” (India will unite and India will win).

When asked if Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge said that party is not contending for the prime ministerial post, the party source explained that the Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha while addressing the meeting of the opposition leaders in Bengaluru said that the nature of the election has changed as earlier people used to contest for getting some posts or to come to power or to become Prime Minister.

The source said that Kharge told the leaders that now the fight is to save the country, and the next election is to save the Constitution.

“And for us we don’t want to contest the election for coming to power and to get the prime ministerial post,” the source said, quoting sources.

When asked when the 11-member coordination committee will be announced, the source said that the new committee will be formed during the third meeting of the opposition parties in Mumbai.

He also said that the dates of the third meeting of the opposition parties will be decided after the Parliament’s Monsoon Session.

The Congress president said an 11-member coordination committee will be set up and its composition will be finalised in the next meeting in Mumbai.

Kharge had also said that a common secretariat will also be set up in Delhi for campaign management and specific committees will be formed for separate issues.

The source also said that besides the 11 member committee, the discussion over selecting a convenor will be taken up during the third meeting as someone has to call the meeting of the bloc in the coming days.

He further said that during the meeting on Tuesday, several names for the opposition bloc were discussed, however, the name suggested by former Congrerss president Rahul Gandhi was liked by all.

He also said that there was almost an hour-long discussion over the new name and the opposition leader came to a consensus as some people suggested different names for the bloc but that did not materialise.

The two-day meeting of the 26 opposition parties, including Congress, Trinamool, AAP, DMK, Sharad Pawar’s NCP, CPM etc., held in Bengaluru came up with a new name for the alliance, which effectively replaces 2004 UPA – United Progressive Alliance. -IANS


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