Why Not Call Him a Terrorist? Vikas Dubey Trends on Twitter


Vikas Dubey. — PTI

Mohd Aasif | Clarion India

NEW DELHI – The MP police have nabbed fugitive gangster Vikas Dubey in an Ujjain temple on Thursday morning. However, the incident, surrounded by a cloak of mystery, is raising many a question; chief among them is whether it is an arrest or surrender. The social media is full of speculations under #VikasDubey.

Dubey was arrested in Madhya Pradesh, a state ruled by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). It could be a coincidence, but the leader of the Opposition party does not look at it that way. National Spokesperson of Indian National Congress, Pawan Khera, alluding to the BJP role in his escape, wrote on his twitter handle, “Interestingly, he chose to travel only to BJP ruled states Shushing face #VikasDubey.”

UP Police, known for the arrests and encounters, is now facing questions over its credibility. Post Kanpur crossfire it took six days to arrest the absconding gangster. Rohini Singh, a journalist, tweeted, “Can there be anything more shameful than the fact that @Uppolice which has more than 2 lakh cops was unable to arrest one Vikas Dubey who went on a joyride all over North India, ate raj kachoris on the way, prayed at the Mahakal temple and then surrendered to MP police?”

At stake is the credibility of the police administration and UP government as disciplinary action against those shielding the criminal is still due. Singh mince no words when she asked, “if someone inside the UP police was sheltering and tipping him [Vikas Dubey] off.

It is really suspicious that Vikas Dubey had always been ahead of the police and even hid close to Kanpur for two days. “Why hasn’t former SSP Anant Dev not been suspended yet? Who is saving him and why?” asks Rohini Singh.

Vikas Dubey’s swift disappearance from the scene of crime after the brutal killing of eight policemen in crossfire has raise questions over the caste factor in the entire drama.  TV Journalist Sanket Upadhyay tweets, “A sad and politically potent narrative is playing out in MP & UP along caste lines in the #Vikas Dubey Arrested case. A Brahmin MP Minister allegedly helped a Brahmin ‘terrorist’ from a possible encounter by a Thakur CM in U.P. SAD SAD SAD.”

Lately, a number of arrested people have been booked as terrorists. UP and Delhi Police have arrested anti-CAA protesters and booked them under Unlawful Activities Prevention Act. In this context, a debate over calling him a ‘terrorist’ has surfaced. It is being questioned as to why Vikas Dubey is not being labeled as ‘terrorist’ by police and administration.

Prof Salim Engineer tweeted, “Vikas Dubey finally surrendered in Madhya Pradesh, after killing 8 policemen and injuring many others. He had, earlier, murdered a minister. Is he not a terrorist? What about those political leaders who were protecting him? All guilty should be punished including political leaders.”

Former foreign correspondent, Saket Gokhale, calls Vikas Dubey a ‘Sangh Parivar Terrorist’ and terms the arrest as a joke. He expressed his lack of faith and trust in the system.

He tweeted, “Sangh Parivar terrorist Vikas Dubey travelled across 3 states during a lockdown despite being a wanted criminal. This arrest is a joke & exposes the criminal-BJP-police nexus in UP. He’ll be jailed for a while & become a leader or will be “encountered” to protect his masters.”



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