Video of Wheelchair-Bound Activist Khalid Saifi Raises Questions over Delhi Police Conduct in Jail

Khalid Saifi, a dedicated rights activist associated with United Against Hate, was walking when he was taken by police on February 26. He is spotted in custody with broken legs and fingers.

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NEW DELHI — A video of incarcerated activist Khalid Saifi has gone viral on social media, which shows him in a wheelchair while his both legs are covered.

Saifi, a dedicated rights activist associated with United Against Hate, was arrested by police on a charge of attempt to murder, from Khureji protest sit-in site on February 26.

United Against Hate (UAH) is a group of citizens who work for the rights of minorities and promotes communal harmony among groups. However, home minister Amit Shah has alleged that the UAH’s call for protests during US President Donald Trump’s visit led to the Delhi violence last month. While speaking in Parliament, Shah said, “United Against Hate – the name sounds so pious; but look at what they advocated. They said, ‘(Donald) Trump is about to come, we should block the streets’. “

Witnesses have told the media that Khalid was essentially appealing to women anti-CAA protesters to move away from the main road, but police arrested him on “false accusations”. Ishrat Jehan who was the prominent protester at the sit-in was also arrested that day. She, along with Saifi continues to remain behind the bars.

The next day, they were sent to 14 days’ judicial custody and charged under under Section 307 (Attempt to murder).

The visuals that went viral have enraged netizens who have reacted sharply, slamming the police for witch-hunt.

The arrest coincided with the bloody violence that ensued in parts of north Delhi, leaving over 50 people dead, besides burnt homes, shops, cars and mosques.

Saifi, who actively participated in the anti-CAA protests from day 1, was attempting to pacify the gathering of women as the protesters were angry over the inaction of the police against the mobs that made war-cries at them. Even at the time of his arrest, a video showed Saifi discussing something with the cops. The police broke CCTV cameras, tore down the tent and posters when they arrested Saifi and Jehan.

The twitterati is concerned that the police tortured Saifi while in police custody.  Allegations have surfaced over the past few days that the police is committing rights abuses against Muslims after they are detained arbitrarily.

The people also ask why the police have failed to arrest the Hindutva goons who barged into JNU campus and beat up students and teachers on January 5.




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