The Kejriwal Syndrome


Photo Courtesy: NDTV's Ketki Angre
Arvind Kejriwal sleeps on the pavement during his recent protest against Delhi Police. Photo courtesy NDTV 


[dropcap]T[/dropcap]HE saddest bit about the whole Kejriwal experiment is that protesters like him cannot govern: They know how to shout at the system, provoke people to strike at those in authority but when leadership is thrust on them, it is a burden they can’t carry.

We saw this after Indira Gandhi’s emergency when a Janata Party government came to power and lasted all but two years before she rode back to power again. There were clowns then, like Raj Narain, and one who lasted longer, Lalu, who even named his daughter MISA after the dreaded law during the Emergency, who must be recounting those days in prison where he has returned.

“Mr Kejriwal, you are now a CM!”

“Oh no!”

“Why sir?”

“I want to be Anti-CM! I am an anti man!”

And that is what we people in India have now realized that Kejri and his cronies are anti-men. They are anti-government, anti-industry, anti-everything.

“Why don’t you govern?”

“We know only to fast!”

“We know to protest!”

“We know to put barricades!”

“And throw stones!”

The poor people of Delhi found out the hard way. They went to their Metro. Now you do know that every Delhiite is proud of his Metro! He may not be proud of it being the capital of India; of the President living in his city, of the Prime Minister too, but about his Metro, he is very proud.

And he found his Metro stations closed.

“Why is the Metro closed?”

“The chief minister is using it as his bedroom!”

That must have been the soundest sleep Kejri had after he became chief minister.

“You look so refreshed dear!”

“Yes I must do this more often!”

“Maybe you should only do this dear! You look so appealing with those sleepy bedroom eyes, and the muffler round your neck!”

“I do? May be I should! Maybe I should!”

And now he can. He can sleep outside the Metro, on fast without fast, night and day, and nobody will bother, because no more is India bothered what he does.

The voters experimented with Kejriwal, and the experiment failed, because at the right time and the right place, we had the wrong man!

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