Shankaracharya of Puri Claims Temple in Makkah


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NEW DELHI – Shankaracharya Swami Nischalanand Saraswati of Puri, known for his controversial statements targeting Muslims and Islam has once again claimed that there is Mecceshwar Mahadev temple in Makkah.

The proponent of Hindu Rashtra, Shankaracharya, addressing a press conference at the Hindu Rashtra symposium in Rajasthan’s Nagaur recently, spoke about the holiest site of world Muslims in Makkah and said “there is also a Makkeshwar Mahadev Temple over there.” He was apparently referring to holy Kaabah.

Earlier in June, the Shankaracharya had also reportedly expressed the same sentiments during his visit to Kashi.

Hindu calendar

In April, the Aligarh branch of Hindu Mahasabha issued a Hindu New Year Calendar which claimed that some mosques and monuments from the Mughal era were Hindu temples.

The calendar also named Makkah, the most revered site for Muslims, as Mecceshwar Mahadev Temple and stated that there was a temple of Lord Shiva at that place.

Meanwhile, according to various reports, Swami Nischalanand Saraswati also said that if the government declares India a Hindu nation, 15 other countries will also declare themselves as Hindu nations. He named Nepal and Mauritius as being among those nations.

Babri Masjid verdict

After the Supreme Court verdict on Babri Masjid in 2019 in which the court had allowed five acres of land to Muslims, the said Shankaracharya had opposed the decision to give Muslims a piece of land.

The Shankaracharya had said, “If five acres of land is given to Muslims in Ayodhya, they will make the holy land into a second Makkah and the very essence of Ayodhya being the spiritual capital of the world will be affected.”

He further said, “We are Hindus, we have given Pakistan and Bangladesh to Muslims. Our country had 3 Muslim presidents, many chief ministers and Judges. Now the Supreme Court has given the verdict of giving 5 acres of land in Ayodhya to the Muslims. I am not happy with the verdict of the Supreme Court of giving land to Muslims in Ayodhya”.

‘Parliament is higher than Supreme Court’

Condemning the the court order, Shankaracharya exhorted the BJP to make he decision void by using political might.

He said, “Our Parliament is higher than the Supreme Court and BJP has the full majority in the Parliament. If the government has the courage let it cancel the order of the Supreme Court in the parliament and stop giving the land to Muslims in Ayodhya.”

“In Religious matter Swamijis are supreme and the Supreme Court should not make decisions in religious matters,” he said.


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