Setting Up Roadside Non-veg Eateries an Act of Land Grabbing: Gujarat Minister


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The Rajkot and Vadodara Municipal Corporations have issued verbal orders for the removal of egg and other non vegetarian dishes eateries doing their business on the roadside.

GANDHINAGAR — After the Rajkot and Vadodara municipal corporations issued verbal orders on removal of roadside eateries of eggs and non-vegetarian dishes, Gujarat Revenue Minister Rajendra Trivedi on Friday said such kind of businesses were an act of land grabbing of temporary nature.

In the coming days such kind of orders might be issued in the other cities also.

Roads and building minister Purnesh Modi also reiterated similar sentiments for the roadside eateries.

However, Gujarat BJP president CR Patil said that it was not necessary that it would be replicated everywhere.

The Rajkot and Vadodara Municipal Corporations during the week, issued verbal orders for the removal of egg and other non vegetarian dishes eateries doing their business on the roadside.

Responding to a related question, Trivedi on the sidelines of a programme in Vadodara told the media: “This has been an issue since a long time. This is also land grabbing, even though of temporary kind I congratulate the Rajkot mayor as well as the Vadodara mayor for such decisions. Such kind of eateries not only play with the sentiments of some people, but it also causes inconveniences to the commuters as the spicy fragrance and flavours cause discomfort to the eyes.

“This is not a caste or religion issue. Religion is immaterial. Whoever is selling such kind of dishes should buy a shop and do the business over there,” he said.

He also said that strict action should be taken against such encroachments.

“The Corporation and the police should take stern action against and they should be cooperated. Even though this decision has come very late, but better late than never. Such businesses should be carried out in a very regulated manner, maintaining strict health and hygiene regulations. One cannot just come and start selling such things anywhere they like,” said Trivedi.

Gujarat roads and buildings minister, Purnesh Modi also expressed similar sentiments. He told the media: “This is a welcome decision. In the coming days, many other local bodies can take such decisions.”

Rajkot Mayor, Pradip Dav on Friday stated that over 30 carts were seized from 48 main-roads in the city so far, during the action taken as a part of the drive of removing the shops of non-veg and eggs from the main-roads, main chowks and residential areas of the city.

The Rajkot Municipal Corporation teams are removing non-veg and egg vendors on Phulchhab chowk and Shastri medan chowk since three days. The mayor said, “The drive has started considering the complaints of the people from residential areas in the city and the carts are removed from two roads every day at present.”

The mayor informed that the non-veg and egg dishes vendors can switch to industrial or outside areas far from residential areas. The vendors should make sure that they do not cause problems to residents and there are no religious places nearby for selling non-veg and egg dishes.

However, the Vadodara Municipal Corporation changed their stance on Friday and stated that there was no such decision to remove any particular dish roadside eateries. It, however, said the sellers should maintain good hygiene and cover the prepared food while selling. — IANS

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