Rajasthan’s Kota City Erupts Against Controversial Triple Talaq Law

Hundreds of thousands of people of all ages joined the silent long march in Kota to register their resentment and anger against the Triple Talaq Law.

Over 150 thousand people marched city streets in protest against the new Triple talaq legislation

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NEW DELHI/KOTA —  After the controversial Triple Talaq bill has become the law, the first major protest witnessed in Kota on Saturday which is the third-most-populous city of Rajasthan. Thousands of men and women joined the silent long march to register their resentment and anger against the new legislation terming it “blatant and arbitrary interference” in Muslim religious laws and violation of their fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

Protesters also submitted a memorandum to President of India Ramnath Kovind demanding the revocation of the Triple Talaq Law.

Under the leadership of  ‘Shehar (city) Qazi Anwaar Ahmada silent  massive procession was organized against the controversial talaq law known as the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) which was signed by the President of India on August 1, 2019 after it was passed by the Modi government without even consulting the Muslim women.

Prominent Muslim leaders and conveners of the long march addressed the gathering condemning the controversial Talaq Law.

The long march began in the morning from the government Mahatma Gandhi Multipurpose School ground in the city and passing through Gumanpura Bazaar, Canal Road, Sarvor Road, Jaipur Golden and Nayapuar reached at the district collectorate office where it turned into a huge protest rally.

Hundreds of thousands of people of all age joined the procession holding placards and banners with slogans condemning and criticizing the new talaq law and the BJP-led government.  At the collectorate, protestors handed over a memorandum addressed to the President of India to the district collector which demands the revocation of the talaq law terming it a violation of Article 25 of the Constitution.

Addressing the rally, Qazi Ahmad said the Modi government without consulting the Muslim community particularly the womenfolk, passed this law which infringes the basic and fundamental rights of the Muslim community. He said Article 25 guaranteed religious freedom to every citizen of the country but this government violated it by enacting the talaq law.

“The constitution has provided freedom to followers of every religion to abide by religious laws of their religion but the Modi government has deliberately violated this constitutional provision.”

A view of the long march.

“There are religious laws pertaining to marriage and divorce in Islam which the central government cannot encroach upon and Islam gives proper time for reconciliation to the husband and wife and it does not prescribe instant talaq as it is not considered a good practice in Islam so there was no need for enactment of law on the issue,” Qazi Ahmad said.

He pointed out the glaring contradiction in the act that on the one said declares instant triple talaq as null and void while on the other hand, it has a  provision of 3 years imprisonment for a  person giving instant triple talaq which has no legal standing.  He described the law on triple talaq as “unjust and atrocity” on Muslim men as well as women.

Qazi Ahmad also announced that a separate march of women will be organized in the city soon.

On the occasion, Women India Movement’s national president Mehrunissa khan called the enactment of triple talaq a conspiracy against the community and attack on Muslim men and women. She insisted that there is no concept of triple talaq in Islam and triple talaq law is just a political stunt.

Perhaps, the Kota long march was the first protest after the enactment of the Triple talaq law by the Modi government in the country and according to one estimate, more than 150 thousand people participated in the march. Last year more than 20 million Muslim women across the country had hit the streets vehemently opposing the bill but the Modi government disdainfully ignored their opposition.


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