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Puja Planned at Gurugram Namaz Site with Kapil Mishra, Yati Narsinghanand as Invitees

Members of Hindutva outfits forcibly stopping Muslims from offering Friday prayers in Gurugram, Haryana — File photo

Hindu right-wing groups have scheduled the event just before Friday prayer time in Sector 12A

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NEW DELHI — On the one hand Hindutva supporter are opposing ‘Namaz in open’ in Gurgaon reasoning that religion should not be allowed to be practices on the road as it causes inconvenience to commuters but on the other hand Hindu right-wing groups have organised Govardhan Puja at the site of Friday Namaaz in Sector 12A in Gurugram on Friday, November 5.

They have scheduled the puja at 11 am. The weekly Friday prayer is held around 1 pm.

The Sanyukt Hindu Sangharsh Samiti, the umbrella organisation of all the Hindutva outfits in Gurugram, has invited to the puja BJP leader Kapil Mishra and Dasna Devi temple priest Yati Narsinghanand Saraswati, the two prominent figures known for spewing hate and advocating violence against Muslims.

According to the Indian Express, Mishra has confirmed that he is going to attend the event while Saraswati said he is not going because of his busy schedule for the day.

“I have been approached by the Samiti members to attend the Govardhan puja. I shall be attending. This is a movement for citizens’ right for free roads and their demands are legitimate. No one has the right to block roads every week. I support this movement. The protesting citizens of Gurgaon are showing the way to other citizens, who are bothered with blocking of roads but are not courageous enough to come out and demand their rights,” Mishra has been quoted in the Indian express report.

Sector 12 Namaz site is one of the places where Hindus have attempted to disrupt the prayers.

The Sanyukt Hindu Sangharsh Samiti are opposing Namaaz at open spaces and have been successful in getting the permission cancelled at 8 of the 37 spots.

The administration has now formed a committe to engage with members of both Hindu and Muslim communities to find a solution to the impasse.

Some Muslim representatives have agreed to relocate the Namaaz site but demanded that they should be provided an alternate space and that encroachments of Waqf Board properties should be cleared.


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