Mudassir Khan, Victim of Delhi Carnage Leaves Behind 8 Young Daughters, a Shattered Family



Mudassir Khan, 36, killed in Delhi’s anti-Muslim riot, is survived by his wife, septuagenarian father and eight young daughters – the eldest Shifa is 14 and youngest Inaya is only 20 days old

Zafar Aafaq | Clarion India

NEW DELHI— After being stuck for two days at his uncle’s place in Kardampuri, Mudasir Khan, 36, decided to leave for his home. He was concerned about his little daughters, nursing wife and the ageing father. Though his family advised him to stay put and not stir out, Khan rode his scooter and sped past the lanes. When he was about to hit the main road, a bullet hit him on his head.

Towards February end, over 50 people were killed— a majority of them Muslims — as the law and order took the backseat in parts of Delhi and armed rioters set fire to homes, shops, cars, mosques and shrines. The police have been accused of helping the right-wing Hindu mobs to unleash violence against Muslims. In several instances, the police actively joined the rioters.

Daughters and family members of Mudassir Khan

The family still doesn’t know who shot at Khan though an FIR has been filed. Those who took injured Khan to GTB Hospital too don’t know who shot at him. He was declared dead at Hospital. His brother heard about the incident and managed to reach hospital with help from MLA Haji Younis.

Khan’s body had to be kept at the hospital for two days because of the mob frenzy in the streets.

Eventually after three days, under police protection, the body was reached home in Lane 2 of Mustafabad, a predominantly Muslim area.

The family hails from Badayun Uttar Pradesh. Yaseen moved to Delhi 50 years ago in search of a living. Apart from Khan, Yaseen has two more sons. The three were jointly running scrap business.

The death of Khan has left septuagenarian father Yaseen Khan devastated. He cowers under grief as his face reflects a numb look and his voice has become subdued. “What can I say! I brought him up and now he is gone,” Yaseen said.

Khan is survived by his wife and eight daughters. The eldest Shifa is 14 and youngest Inaya 20 days old. Except for Shifa and the second one Fiza, Khan’s daughters are yet to make sense out of the tragedy that befell them. “We tell them that Abu has gone to live in Paradise,” Shifa said, her eyes moist with tears.

Khan wanted to see Shifa become a doctor. She said she will now work hard to make her father’s dream a reality. “I wanted to be a fashion designer, but now I will become doctor.”

Since Khan’s death, his both brothers haven’t gone back to business. His elder brother has been busy with preparing the case documents. The family has filed a compensation claim before Delhi Government but they have not received any relief yet.

The family says they do not have any hope of justice. “The police are not investigating the case,” said Salman Khan, college student and a nephew of slain Khan. He added that the family has no faith in the government of Narendra Modi. “BJP is responsible for the violence,” Salman said. “It started after the speech of Kapil Mishra who provoked people to attack anti-CAA protesters.”

Salman feels the laws like CAA and NRC will “destroy India”. “The government should focus on education and development instead of spreading hate among communities,” he said.



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