ED Seizes ₹4,440 Crore Glocal University Assets Amid Fugitive Haji Iqbal Controversy


Questions of Justice and Political Influence Emerge as Enforcement Directorate’s Actions Stir Debate

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NEW DELHI- The Enforcement Directorate (ED) has ignited a firestorm of debate following its recent seizure of assets valued at over ₹4,000 crore belonging to former BSP MLC Haji Iqbal in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh. This includes the expansive Glocal University campus, allegedly financed through proceeds from illegal mining and other illicit activities.

Official sources from the ED indicate that the seizure stems from an interim attachment order issued amidst a money laundering investigation implicating Muhammad Iqbal and his associates. These assets, registered under the Abdul Waheed Educational and Charitable Trust, highlight the scale of alleged financial misconduct involving the erstwhile politician.

Critics have voiced concerns regarding the timing and motives behind ED’s actions, suggesting potential political pressure influencing the agency. “The ED’s vigorous pursuit of assets worth billions raises questions about procedural fairness,” remarked a legal expert, emphasizing the need for meticulous scrutiny in such high-profile cases.

Muhammad Iqbal, a figure of significant influence during Mayawati’s tenure as Chief Minister, faces a litany of accusations spanning illegal mining, land encroachment, and financial irregularities over several decades. His evasion of legal repercussions has sparked public outcry, fueling accusations of political protection and highlighting systemic flaws in governance.

“The utilization of enforcement agencies for political ends cannot be disregarded,” stated a civil rights advocate, citing previous controversies surrounding cases involving powerful individuals. The ED’s actions, viewed against this backdrop, have underscored broader debates over the agency’s autonomy and its role in combating corruption impartially.

Beyond the legal implications, the fallout from the asset seizure extends to Glocal University’s approximately 4,000 students, whose academic future now hangs in uncertainty amidst administrative upheaval. Concerns regarding the continuity of education and the management of invested funds, including those linked to previous scandals like the NHRM scam, loom large.

“While the ED’s actions aim to address financial malpractice, the impact on students and educational stability cannot be underestimated,” expressed a concerned parent, reflecting community-wide apprehension amidst the ongoing turbulence at the university.

With Muhammad Iqbal reportedly evading authorities in Dubai, questions persist over the effectiveness of legal measures and international cooperation in bringing him to justice. Meanwhile, his family members, facing incarceration amid mounting legal pressures, underscore the complexities of law enforcement in high-profile cases marred by political undertones.

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