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MERS Kills 2 Expats in Saudi, 12 More Cases in UAE

Expatriate medical workers wear masks as they leave the emergency section in King Fahad hospital in the city of Hofuf, 370 kms East of the Saudi capital Riyadh. AFP file

AU DHABI  — The UAE has confirmed 12 new cases of Coronavirus (Mers-CoV), who are well but incidentally tested positive during routine screenings.

The new cases are expected to clear the virus within 10-14 days with no treatment. The infected people are in hospital isolation and as such are not causing any risk to the public or other patients.

The Ministry of Health (MoH) and the Health Authority — Abu Dhabi (Haad) are dealing with the situation with full transparency to ensure the public is aware of the current situation. The Haad confirmed that the current situation is not a public health concern and that it is coordinating with the MoH and other authorities in the country.

Meanwhile, two foreigners died of Mers in the Saudi city of Jeddah, the health ministry said on Saturday. The ministry said five more people were infected with the virus in the western city, including two foreign medics aged 54.

The latest deaths of a 64-year-old and 44-year-old, whose nationalities were undisclosed, bring to 76 the overall number of people to have died of Mers in Saudi Arabia, from 231 infections.–Wam, AP

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