Malda South: Isa Khan Chaudhary of Congress Seeks to Uphold Family Legacy 


Voters await the outcome of the high-stakes contest which has far-reaching implications for the political landscape of West Bengal.

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NEW DELHI — As the electoral landscape heats up, Isa Khan Chaudhary finds himself facing a formidable challenge to preserve the legacy of his family in West Bengal’s Malda South Lok Sabha constituency. The Congress party has nominated the son of the current MP, Abu Hashim Khan Chaudhary, intensifying the competition for this coveted seat.

With a Muslim population comprising 59% of the electorate, the Trinamool Congress has also thrown its hat in the ring by fielding Shahnawaz Ali Rehan, a prominent Muslim figure.

Oxford-educated Rehan previously contested elections under the banners of both Congress and Trinamool Congress. Despite his educational credentials and political affiliations, Rehan faced defeat in previous elections.

The Chaudhary family, with its deep-rooted political influence in Malda, has been a dominant force in electoral politics. Abu Hashim Khan Chaudhary and his niece Mosam Noor have both tasted success in the political arena, representing Malda South and Malda North respectively.

However, the political landscape underwent a significant shift with Mosam Noor’s defection to the Trinamool Congress, sparking a familial feud between her and Isa Khan Chaudhary. The ensuing rivalry culminated in Isa Khan Chaudhary’s candidature under the Congress banner in the last Lok Sabha election, where he faced off against his kin.

The electoral dynamics in Malda South have been influenced by various factors, including the emergence of the Nationalist Congress Party (NJP) as a significant player.

In the 2019 Lok Sabha election, the Trinamool Congress maintained its stronghold in Malda South, despite formidable opposition. However, the assembly elections of 2021 saw a significant shift in voter preferences, with Isa Khan Chaudhary and his cousin Isa Muazzam Hussain making inroads into the constituency.

As the political landscape continues to evolve, the battle for the Malda South Lok Sabha seat remains fiercely contested. Isa Khan Chaudhary’s nomination by the Congress party signifies a renewed effort to reclaim the family legacy amidst stiff competition from rival factions.

With the electoral fate of Malda South hanging in the balance, voters await the outcome of this high-stakes contest, which has far-reaching implications for the political landscape of West Bengal. As candidates engage in spirited campaigning, the electorate remains vigilant, poised to cast their votes in favour of the candidate who best represents their aspirations and interests.

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