BJP’s Minority Front’s Leader Suspended for Criticising Modi’s Anti-Muslim Speech


Usman Ghani’s suspension from the core membership of the BJP serves as a stark warning to others who may dare to speak out against the party’s authoritarian leadership.

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NEW DELHI — In a move reminiscent of authoritarian crackdowns on dissent, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has suspended Usman Ghani, the district president of the BJP’s Minority Front in Bikaner in Rajasthan, for criticising Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent inflammatory remarks against Muslims.

Ghani’s suspension underscores the BJP’s intolerance towards opposing viewpoints and its desperate attempts to silence dissent within its ranks.

At an election rally in Banswara, Modi resorted to fear-mongering tactics by alleging that the Congress plans to redistribute wealth among Muslims if it comes to power. Appalled by such divisive rhetoric, Ghani publicly condemned Modi’s statements and expressed disappointment with the prime minister’s sectarian tactics.

Ghani’s courageous stance did not go well with the BJP establishment, which swiftly moved to silence him. The party’s disciplinary committee, led by Omkar Singh Lakhawat, wasted no time in reprimanding Ghani for daring to challenge the party line. Ghani’s suspension from the core membership of the BJP for six years serves as a stark warning to others within the party who may dare to speak out against its authoritarian leadership.

This episode exposes the BJP’s true colours as a party intolerant of dissent and committed to enforcing conformity at any cost. By silencing voices of dissent like Ghani’s, the BJP reveals its disdain for democratic principles and its determination to suppress any form of opposition.

Modi’s incendiary remarks about the Congress’s alleged plans to favour Muslims over other communities have also drawn widespread condemnation from opposition parties.

The BJP’s attempts to stifle dissent within its ranks only serve to further highlight the party’s divisive agenda and its disregard for the principles of democracy.

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