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Jamia Teachers Slam Media Bias Against Muslims in Wake of Tablighi Row

People who showed coronavirus symptoms being taken to various hospitals from the Nizamuddin area in New Delhi. — PTI

Mohd Aasif | Clarion India

NEW DELHI – Jamia Teachers Association (JTA) made an appeal to Muslims not to indulge in any activity that projects the entire community in bad light. The appeal came in the wake of Tablighi Jamaat row.

However, the JTA condemned the media blaming the entire community for indiscretion of a few individuals.

In its statement, the association “wholeheartedly” supported the measures taken by the Government of India for the safety of the citizens against Covid-19. Considering the existing health infrastructure in the country, it said lockdown is the best bet to contain the outbreak.

The teachers, however, were disappointed by the media’s bias against a community while covering the Nizamuddin Markaz incident. “We feel concerned at the way the media has been trying to project the Nizamuddin Markaz link in a twisted way”, said Prof. Majid Jamal in the statement.

He said this has led to ‘resentment’ in the community.

Since the lockdown was enforced suddenly, said Prof Jamal many people across the country were trapped at locations away from their homes as they could not get time to retreat and. Tabligh case is no different. The Tablighis too were trapped as others in similar situation. But the media singled out the Tablighis which reflected bias.

The teachers questioned the role of police in the entire episode. They asked why the police did not act in time and responded to the pleas of the organisers of the Tablighi event for evacuation of the Markaz.

Suggesting an alternative approach, the academic community said that the police could quarantine the affected attendees rather than allowing them to travel to their respective native places. “They (the police) had all the information, yet were found wanting in action,” lamented Prof Jamal.

“It is high time we rose above petty politics and united in the fight against the COVID-19,” he asserted.

The JTA accused the media of giving the Tabliqhi row a religious colour and urged the government not to rein in the antisocial elements out to divide the country on sectarian lines. They made a fervent appeal to all the citizens to fight coronavirus by strictly following the advisories issued by the government from time to time.

Meanwhile, Jamia employees and students are making all-out efforts to provide food and other essential commodities to the needy in their neighbourhood.

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