Horror of Delhi Riots Haunts Victims’ Family Members As They Await Justice



Wife of Mursaleen Nargis along with her daughter (Photo- Waquar Hasan)

I miss him a lot. There is not a single day when I don’t remember him. Our children also talk about him, says widow of Mursaleen Malik

Waquar Hasan | Clarion India

Ground Report

NEW DELHI – Pain, fear and misery have inflicted the family members of those killed during last year’s communal riots that claimed 53 lives. They are yet to get justice.

Mursaleen Malik, a scrap worker, was killed on February 24, 2021. The police had taken out his dead body from a canal after 3 days of his murder. His wife Nargis told Clarion India that no FIR has been filed in the case of Mursaleen’s murder even after one year. She could not file any complaint as she was pregnant. Now, she decided to file a case after some activists approached her in this regard.

Mursaleen is survived by his wife and 4 children – Amaan (7), Nasra (6), Hifza (2) and Mahira (4 months). Mahira was born after Mursaleen’s death. She has been adopted by her uncle.

Nargis did not tell her children that their father was killed in the communal riots. She told them that their father went to attend the congregation of Tablighi Jamaat.

“I miss him a lot. There is not a single day when I don’t remember him. Our children also talk about him. I have told the children their father went to attend the congregation of Tablighi Jamaat. I did not tell them what happened to their father. If I tell them about it, they will be disheartened,” said Nargis.

The children asked her a lot about their father. They ask her why don’t she call their father? Why is she living without him. Why didn’t he come back home? But Nargis did not reveal about their father’s death.

She is surviving by doing tailoring. She decided to live with her children in her in-laws’ house and buy a house with the compensation money which she got from the government. She will rent the house to make some regular income.

“There is acute financial problem after his death. I’m not able to fulfil the needs of my children,” she said.

Nargis is not sure who killed her husband. “He had no enmity with anyone. He might have been waylaid on his way”.

Narrating the events leading to Mursaleen’s death, she said that her husband was not aware of communal violence taking place in the area on that day and went out with his ferry around 2 O’clock. But he did not come back home till the evening. She had been calling him since 4 O’clock but his phone was going off. Next day, she decided to go to the police station but people close to her prevented her from going out, pointing to communal violence. After three days, Nargis went to Gokulpuri police station and lodged a complaint of her husband’s missing. The police told her to go to GTB hospital to look for him. She went there but did not find him. She continuously went to GTB hospital for 7 days and also went to other hospitals but did not find him. After 15 days, she received a call from the police station. The police had found a piece of paper in his pocket in which Jameela’s name (Mursaleen’s mother) was written. She went to the GTB hospital and recognized her husband through some marks.

“When I was taken to his dead body, I could not recognize him. His face was completely burnt. I recognized him through his hair and the cut marks in his leg’s toe,” she said. Then, blood of Mursaleen’s father and son was checked which described their relationship.

“He had bullet marks in his stomach and leg and the face has cut marks of a sharp weapon,” said Nargis.

Babu Khan

Around half-a-kilometre away from Nargis’s house in Mustafabad, Babu Khan lives. He has lost his two sons – Amir Ali (29) and Hashim Ali (16). Their bodies were found naked from a canal. Khan says that their religion was ascertained by undressing them and killed. They were coming after seeing their grandmother in Bhopura, Ghaziabad. Amir Ali is survived by his wife and three children.

Khan says that once a police officer met him telling that those who killed the innocent people were arrested. Apart from that he has no information about the status of the case in his sons’ murder.

Khan said that his sons were killed by those who spread hatred against his community. He demanded severest punishment for the killers of his sons.

Asgari, wife of Babu Khan, said that she will never be able to forget the pain which was inflicted on her by the death of her sons.

“How can we forget the day when our sons were killed? We always miss them. We want justice. They should be punished the way they killed my sons,” she said.


She said that she and her husband were sick. After the death of their sons, their source of income is gone. They are facing financial difficulties. She demanded a government job for her widowed daughter-in-law.

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