Hapless Wife Screaming, Delhi Resident Mohammed Qasim Dies Outside LNJP

A scene from outside LNJP Hospital, New Delhi. — Representational image

Hospital refused him admission due to non-availability of beds

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NEW DELHI — Non-availability of beds at Delhi hospitals continue to take its toll even as Delhi government has started make-shift Covid Centres in the city.

On Friday, a 34-year-old man from Rohini, Mohammed Qasim, lost his life outside the LNJP, the biggest Covid centre of Delhi, as doctors refused him admission citing non-availability of beds in the hospital.

The hapless wife of the deceased and other relatives who had brought Qasim to hospital could only see him gasping for the breath as he breathed his last.

Qasim was brought in an ambulance by his wife and his neighbours but he hadn’t been able to get a Covid test despite having symptoms. The guards at the Covid centre let the ambulance in, but doctors refused to admit him, reports IANS.

Within 10 minutes, Qasim started coughing and collapsed under the sun. The deceased’s wife Rubina screamed for help as he breathed his last. Other families came to the entrance and shouted: “At least get him an oxygen cylinder.”

At this point, doctors tried to revive him but he had already died.

His wife reacted in remorse as hospital staff put her husband’s body inside the ambulance to take him back: “I have lost everything. We have been searching for a hospital bed since yesterday. We were told people were discharged from here, there could be beds. We couldn’t even get tested for Covid. How will I tell my children that their father is dead?”

(With inputs from IANS)


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