Finding a husband biggest concern of Saudi women: poll


saudi-husbandOctober 7, 2013

DUBAI – Not finding a husband, or ‘spinsterhood’ is one of the most pressing issues facing Saudi women, according to a survey that canvassed the views of men and women in the Kingdom.

The poll, carried out by Ru’yah Social Centre in Al-Qassim region, found that 18.7 percent of respondents identified not marrying as a concern, reported Arabian Business published from Dubai.

The research also found that 24.6 percent of respondents believed unemployment was the most important issue for women.Divorce occupied the third position as a source of concern to Saudi women at 8.8 percent.
Official statistics show two percent of the population is divorcees. The percentage of divorced women had risen to 1.2 percent, with 0.7 percent of Saudi males divorced.

The study also dealt with the priorities of female university students, showing 88.8 percent of Saudi girls continued their university education without interruption.

More than 55 percent of female university students listed this as among their top priorities, followed by Arab and Islamic issues and work.

Meanwhile, 24.1 percent of female students said they wanted to benefit from their leisure time.
The opinion poll showed that 49.6 percent of women preferred their husband to be a relative.

It also found that 41.1 percent preferred their husband to be affluent, 35.5 percent preferred their husband to be a government employee while 31.1 percent preferred a husband worked in the private sector.


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