Does BJP MP Gautam Gambhir have Licence to Deal in Covid-19 Drugs, Asks Delhi High Court


The Court questioned how BJP MP Gautam Gambhir is able to distribute medicines being used to treat Covid-19 and procure them in large quantities.

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NEW DELHI — While hearing a petition on Covid situation in Delhi, Delhi High Court came out with heavy observation on cricketer turned politician and BJP Parliamentarian from East Delhi Gautam Gambhir and asked if he has licence to deal in Covid-19 drugs.

The Delhi High Court questioned how BJP MP Gautam Gambhir is able to distribute medicines being used to treat Covid-19 and procure them in large quantities.

The division bench of Justices Vipin Sanghi and Rekha Palli asked, “Are these not prescription drugs? How is anybody able to procure large quantities? Is he holding a licence to deal in these drugs?.”

Earlier, advocate Rakesh Malhotra had told the court that the “elected representative” (BJP Member of Parliament Gautam Gambhir) is distributing ‘Fabiflu’ and referred to his tweets.

“I do not know from where he is getting it,” Malhotra told the court when it was hearing the issue regarding unavailability of essential Covid-19 drugs.

Rahul Mehra, representing the Delhi government, told the court that it is “highly irresponsible” on the part of Gambhir. However, when contacted Gautam Gambir’s office did not elicit any response on the Court remarks.

The row over Gambhir’s decision to provide free Covid-19 medication only to his constituents of East Delhi was raised before the court during the hearing last week too, during the hearing of cases related to the ongoing pandemic in Delhi, writes The Indian Express.

The Delhi High Court on Tuesday expressed its displeasure over black marketing of medical oxygen while hearing a petition on shortage of oxygen and treatment of Covid patients in the national capital.

The Court said people were forced to buy oxygen cylinders in the black market for lakhs of rupees while their original cost is only a few hundred rupees. The court said those persons indulging in black marketing of oxygen should be taken into police custody.

During the hearing, the High Court said if the Delhi government is unable to manage oxygen cylinders then they should tell the court for procuring them. The court will ask the Central government to take over the charge of managing oxygen.

The court issued contempt notices to the five oxygen refillers who were absent during the hearing on Tuesday. Delhi Chief Secretary Vijay Dev informed the court that he has requested all oxygen refillers to furnish details of the tankers supplying oxygen in Delhi following which the quota of oxygen will be allocated for three days.

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