Anger, Frustration Mount Against Modi Govt As Covid Crisis Deepens


Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing an elecion rally. — ANI

Twitterati, backed by Telegraph of Kolkata, demand prime minister’s resignation

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NEW DELHI — Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Government is facing a huge public anger for effectively failing to control the second wave of coronavirus. People are taking to social media writing critical comments, making memes, sharing videos as well as reports and newspaper clippings to show their anger as the Covid continues to consume thousands of lives each day. Experts say the peak is yet to come and the healthcare system has broken. On Wednesday India officially hit 200,000 death mark.

A number of social media users have posted tweets with a hashtag that calls for the resignation of Prime Minister Modi. They are directly blaming his government for the death and devastation due to the pandemic in the country.

One video doing the rounds shows a disgruntled BJP supporter claims the government has failed to provide any help to people as he explains how he had to struggle for treatment of his mother-in-law but failed.

The prime minister is also drawing flak after reports emerged that the construction work at central vista project has been allowed even as the capital was put under lockdown. The people called out the government for not prioritising public health even in crises like these.

The anger can also be gauged from a morphed Time Magazine cover that was doing rounds on social media calling PM Modi a super-spreader as he continued to hold election rallies that attracted large crowds even as the country was reeling under the mammoth and more brutal second wave  of coronavirus.

The government is also being slammed for cracking down on criticism by blocking tweets instead of focusing on policy to curb the spread of virus and bring the situation under control.

The anger is palpable on the faces of relatives of moribund patients scrambling for beds, oxygen cylinders and critical medicines. They have no one to call and nowhere to go.

On Wednesday, Kolkata’s Telegraph newspaper ran a piece by Ruchir Joshi which directly called for resignation of Prime Minister Modi and his close aides. It began with these word: “It’s best to state this simply: Narendra Modi needs to go. Amit Shah needs to go. Ajay Mohan Bisht aka Yogi Adityanath needs to go. The bunch of integrity-free incompetents Mr Modi has gathered around him as his ministers all need to go. In order for the country to launch the mammoth operation of recovery and repair needed for our survival, the departure of these people from positions of power needs to happen immediately — tomorrow is too late, yesterday would have been better.”


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