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Demand for Arrest of Monk Threatening Rape of Muslim Women Gains Momentum

Congress spokeswoman Supriya Shrinate hoped that the cops who stood as mute spectators in the crowd when the accused issued rape threat would also be punished.

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NEW DELHI – Outrage against a Hindu monk who publically issued rape threat against Muslim women is growing rapidly in the country with many joining the chorus of condemnation. They all were unanimous in asking the Yogi Adityanath led BJP government in Uttar Pradesh to take action against him.

Video footage of the saffron-clad seated comfortably in a car addressing his supporters gathered outside a mosque in Khairabad area of Uttar Pradesh’s Sitapur district, 100 kilometres from Lucknow threatening to rape Muslim women has gone viral in the social media.

National Commission for Women (NCW) Chairperson Rekha Sharma dashed off a letter to UP DGP Mukul Goel drawing his attention to the offensive video attached with a Twitter post, she wrote, “The priest, Bajrang Muni, (is seen) threatening to kidnap and rape Muslim women while addressing a gathering in Sitapur district of Uttar Pradesh.”

In the letter, she wrote about the police presence on the occasion. Unfortunately the policemen opted to remain silent spectators to the goings-on. “It has been reported that the police personnel were also present at the location, however, none of them stopped him from making such an outrageous statement against women,” she pointed out.

Sharma said she condemns the speech by the hate monk Bajrang Muni Das as much as she reprimanded the police for failing to take action against him.

“The police should not be a mute spectator in such incidents and appropriate measures must be taken by them to curb people from using such outrageous language for women,” she said in the letter, a copy of which was sent to SP Sitapur.

The video shows Das speaking in a microphone telling the crowd that if he finds Muslims harassing Hindu women in Khairabad, “I will openly get your (Muslims’) daughter and daughter-in-law out of your home and rape her.”

Meanwhile, Sitapur Police have filed a case in the matter, six days after the speech was made.

Congress spokeswoman Supriya Shrinate, while condemning the rape threat, came down heavily on Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath for his silence over the issue. She said the monk has mocked at both Hindu religion and the law and order of the state.

“I appeal and hope for justice as do the people of the state (Uttar Pradesh) that this man should be taught a lesson,” she said while addressing the Chief Minister. “We are hearing that he has apologised to the mothers and daughters (in general), but you should set an example… Nobody talks about women like this… I hope that this man gets strict punishment,” she said.

All India Majlis Itehadul Muslimeen supremo Assadudin Owaisi questioned the Central and the states’ silence on the matter. Taking a jibe at Adityanath’s avowed policy of zero tolerance towards goons or ‘Thok Do’ (shoot to kill) policy, he asked what action his government proposes to take against the culprit.  Such monks who are giving rape threats instead of preaching religion, he said should not get government protection in the first place.

Shrinate also hoped that the cops who stood as mute spectators in the crowd would also be punished. “While committing illegal acts people shiver by the name of police, but where do these men get the courage to say such things,” she asks while concluding the video message.

Meanwhile, social media is brimming with calls for the arrest of the monk as the hashtag #ArrestBajrangMuni trended on Twitter. Users dug out old videos of the monk where he is seen making sexually incendiary and communally violent remarks against Muslims while brandishing axe.

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