Crowdfunding Website IndiaZakat is a Boon for the Needy


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The website has been newly launched with the sole vision “to transform Zakat taker of today into Zakat giver of tomorrow”

Waquar Hasan | Clarion India

NEW DELHI – A village named Pandhi Ka Par located in Rajasthan’s Badmer district was facing shortage of drinking water due to absence of sufficient water in wells. The village had four water wells but they were just not enough for the population of 3,000 people and 9,000 cattle.

Plans were afoot by the government to make arrangements for supplying water through tankers but the thirsty villagers—90 per cent of them Muslims–waited in vain for long.

Luckily for Pandhi Ka Par, a Rajasthan-based journalist, Chand Mohammed Sheikh, took up the cause of the village at a crowdfunding website urging for donations from people. According to Sheikh, Rs 450,000 were needed for digging six new water wells to end the water shortage in the village. He raised the issue on the website in the last days of May, and, in September, the website succeeded in raising more than the required amount for the new wells.

Sheikh, who is also associated with Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP), told Clarion India that two of the six wells had been ready and digging work for four more wells was under construction.

This is just one example of how the IndiaZakat founded by AMP has been helping the needy to solve economic woes through crowdfunding. The website has been newly launched with the sole vision “to transform Zakat taker of today into Zakat giver of tomorrow”. Zakat is the name of Islamic charity, according to which, every rich person is bound to donate two and a half percent of his/her earnings in a year to the needy people.

Anyone can upload his or her financial problems on IndiaZakat. However, the campaign for a cause appears on the website only after passing a verification process. There are more than 90 campaigns going on currently on the website for the individual and collective causes. These causes come under various important categories like education, healthcare, livelihood support, orphan support, poverty alleviation, relief fund, scholarship, women empowerment and other causes.

From unemployment, Hyderabad and Assam flood relief, medical treatment to getting admission in the IIT College, all kinds of causes are being raised at IndiaZakat. Till 26 October, the website helped more than 293 causes in the past 6 months by collecting Rs 11,24,16,076 for 2,296 members.

“Some of them are direct beneficiaries. Some of them are organizational beneficiaries. For example, a cause was raised for the help of religious scholars (Ulama). Many people benefited through this single cause. Through the relief fund, around 5,000 people were helped. Similarly, many people were helped through raising a cause of institution,” said AMP chief Amir Idrisi.

Recently, two poor students from Bihar secured admission in IIT after collecting charity through the crowdfunding website. While a girl from Jaipur could get admission, an MBBS student, who was a rank holder, was also helped through the website. A student of Darul Uloom Nadwa, Lucknow was selected for the National Law University but he had no money to get admission. He had to submit the admission fees on the very same day he came to know about his selection. But some amount of the fees was given to him by IndiaZakat even prior to his campaign and later, his cause was raised at the website and entire amount of fees was crowdfunded, he said.

“We are very happy that we are doing something which is giving concrete results. What is the most important to us is that life is getting changed. It’s a collective effort in which big targets are being achieved with the small helps,” said Amir.

He said that it was the initial period of their effort but, in future, they will extend their work and take it to a greater level by associating other organisations with this humanitarian work.


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