Congress Veteran Tariq Anwar Vows to Ramp up Development in Katihar


Contesting for the sixth Lok Sabha term, he pledges to tackle pressing issues of migration and infrastructural development in his parliamentary constituency.

Mohammad Alamullah | Clarion India

NEW DELHI — Veteran Congress leader Tariq Anwar is gearing up for yet another electoral battle as he sets his sights on securing a sixth term as a Lok Sabha member from the Katihar constituency in Bihar.

Anwar faces stiff competition from incumbent JDU candidate Dulalchand Goswami, whom he had lost to in the previous election. However, undeterred by the past setback, Anwar exudes confidence in his ability to reclaim victory this time around.

Anwar has been a member of parliament for more than three decades – elected five times to the Lok Sabha from Katihar, and two times to the Rajya Sabha from Maharashtra. He quit Congress over a presidency dispute of the party in 1999 and formed the Nationalist Congress Party along with Sharad Pawar and P. A. Sangma, before resigning 19 years after and re-joining Congress in 2018. Anwar is a member of the Congress Working Committee, the highest decision-making body of the party.

In a candid conversation with Clarion India, Anwar underscored the urgency of addressing the rampant issue of migration plaguing Katihar. He emphasised that migration isn’t limited to just talent but encompasses various demographics, attributing it to the dearth of employment opportunities in the region.

Anwar lamented the decline of industries in Katihar. “There were once thriving industries in Katihar district, but they have long been destroyed. Cottage industries have vanished, forcing residents to seek employment outside the region even for menial jobs,” he said.

He criticised the lack of significant infrastructural development in the area over the past decade, highlighting the neglect from both central and state governments.

When probed about his strategy to curb migration, Anwar outlined plans to prioritise the issue. “If the Congress government comes to power at the Centre, tackling migration will be our top priority. We will introduce schemes aimed at halting migration and attracting big industries to the region,” he said

In the event of being in the opposition, Anwar affirmed his commitment to relentlessly raise the issue in parliament until the government is compelled to take action. “Even if we’re not in power, our fight against migration will persist. We will raise this issue in the House repeatedly until the government is forced to address it,” he said.

Addressing concerns about women’s safety, education, healthcare, and infrastructure, Anwar acknowledged the dire state of affairs in Katihar. He pledged to focus on comprehensive reforms to revitalise the region’s infrastructure and improve access to essential services.

Anwar expressed grave concern over the dismal state of women’s safety in Katihar and the lack of major healthcare and educational institutions. He stressed the need for urgent intervention to elevate the region’s education and healthcare services.

“I will prioritise initiatives aimed at enhancing women’s safety, improving healthcare services, and upgrading educational facilities. We must invest in the future of Katihar and address the pressing needs of its residents,” he said.

Tariq Anwar’s electoral campaign is anchored on a promise of change and progress for Katihar. Focusing on curbing migration and ramping up development initiatives, Anwar aims to secure a brighter future for his constituents and propel Katihar towards prosperity and growth.

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