Chhattisgarh: Maoists Warn Against Harassment of Christians in Bastar


Residents fear repercussions; banners and posters targeting village officials spark tension

Team Clarion

NEW DELHI – In a concerning development in the Mardam police station area of Chhattisgarh’s Bastar District, Maoists have put up banners and posters condemning the alleged mistreatment of villagers under the guise of religious opposition. The posters specifically name Sarpanch Kamlu Kirtam of Kasturpal and Deputy Sarpanch of Parapur Om Prakash Thakur.

The Maoists’ warning to the village officials indicates dire consequences if they continue to harass members of the Christian community. This action has instilled fear among locals, particularly in the Lohindiguda area, where the banners were prominently displayed.

Expressing the community’s apprehension, a resident remarked, “The presence of these banners has heightened tensions and instilled fear among us. We hope for a swift resolution to this situation.”

Authorities have responded swiftly, with the police confiscating all banners to prevent any escalation of the situation. The Superintendent of Police in Bastar assured necessary security measures. “We are taking necessary measures to ensure the safety and security of all residents. Any form of intimidation or harassment will not be tolerated,” he said.

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