BUMS Entrance Exam and Syllabus: Major Reforms Come into Effect


Madrasa students have a common entrance test with emphasis on general knowledge; entrance fee reduced to Rs 100

Mohammad Alamullah | Clarion India

NEW DELHI – Major reforms have come into effect in the entrance examination and syllabus for the one-year pre-medical course admission to BUMS (Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery) from the academic year 2024-25. The revamped system aims to streamline the admission process and provide greater opportunities to madrasa students seeking entry into the field of Unani medicine.

Under the new regulations, the entrance exam for the pre-medical course will now have a greater emphasis on general knowledge questions. Notably, madrasa students will be required to undergo a Common Entrance Test, with the examination pattern shifting towards objective questions worth 100 marks. Additionally, the entrance fee for the exam has been significantly reduced to Rs 100.

Madrasa students aspiring to pursue BUMS are mandated to complete a one-year pre-medical course. In the academic year 2023-24, the pre-medical seats at Ajmal Khan Medical College in Aligarh Muslim University were reduced from ten to six, while BUMS admission seats remained at 60.

Across the country, there are only 31 pre-medical admission seats, out of which six are allocated to the Ajmal Khan Medical College. The changes in the pre-medical course have been met with approval from BUMS final year students, who view them as beneficial for all students.

Previously, students had to navigate varying syllabi according to different universities and fill out multiple forms. However, the revised system entails a unified syllabus and a single test format, simplifying the process for applicants.

The one-year pre-medical course, also known as NEET Pre-Tib, serves as a pathway for madrasa students to gain admission to BUMS. Upon successful completion of the entrance test, students undergo pre-medical education focusing on science subjects. Subsequently, they are granted direct admission to BUMS without the need for further entrance examinations. The entrance test for the pre-medical course is scheduled for July 28.

In recent years, eligibility for BUMS admission has been extended to students from diverse linguistic backgrounds, including Urdu and other streams. The Ajmal Khan Medical College currently offers 60 seats for BUMS admission.

Despite the changes, concerns regarding the reduction in pre-medical seats from ten to six have been raised by BUMS students. They have urged the government and the AMU administration to increase seat availability to accommodate more madrasa students aspiring for BUMS degrees through enrollment in the pre-medical course.

It’s worth noting that two years ago, the National Commission of Indian System of Medicine (NCISM) mandated the allocation of 10% of pre-medical seats in Hamdard University and AMU for BUMS. However, a notice was issued to reduce seats from 24, prompting concerns among aspiring students.

For further details regarding pre-medical admissions and changes in the examination and syllabus, interested candidates can visit the university website at http://www.

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