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PROF BADRI RAINA | Caravan Daily

When you hear so many

Smart ones address

The issue with bright

Positivist eyes on tip

Top television, you suspect

How those that own our

Time and space may be

Actually cashing in on

Clandestine  cashlessness.

Even as the one-step-ahead

Dude, adept at entrails of

Androids , licks his lips,

Hoping to wipe us clean

Of home and hearth by

Pressing  button or bar

We have not understood,


These are days when nothing

Is what it seems; we  barter

What we have, or had, for

Catastrophic dreams.

Such is the charm of t he

Potion  that a whole

Nation in jeopardy  is

Inebriated to think what

Is dying is truly in motion.

And whoever says otherwise

Propagates anti-national lies.

Truth has residence now

In a single spot; such is the

Obedience that must be taught

Through oracular subterfuge,

Or  you know what.

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