Calls for Justice as Muslim Woman Brutally Attacked in Cooch Behar


Video of violent assault triggers outrage amidst concerns over women’s safety in West Bengal

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KOLKATA – In a shocking incident in Cooch Behar, West Bengal, a Muslim woman allegedly faced a brutal assault, igniting widespread condemnation and safety concerns. A video of the incident has gone viral and has sparked outrage across the community raising questions about women’s security in the region.

The BJP’s Bengal unit brought attention to the incident, accusing political motivations behind the attack. According to BJP leader Amit Malviya, Rosonara Khatun, a member of the BJP Minority Morcha, was targeted and assaulted because of her political affiliations. Malviya highlighted the severity of the assault, stating that Khatun was not only beaten but also dragged by her hair in broad daylight.

“This incident is a grave violation of basic human rights and dignity,” Malviya stated, emphasising the BJP’s stance on the safety of women in West Bengal under the current administration.

The incident has stirred widespread anger within the Muslim community and beyond, with concerns over the safety and respect for women.

As the news spreads, calls for justice have intensified, demanding accountability from authorities. Despite the severity of the incident, there has been no official response from local law enforcement or the Trinamool Congress, further fueling public outcry.

“This is Mamata Banerjee’s Bengal, where opposition voices are silenced through violence,” remarked a BJP spokesperson, reflecting on the political climate and security challenges faced by dissenting voices.

Many individuals have expressed strong reactions to the BJP’s statement, questioning the party’s actions in response to the incident. Ankur Gupta, an active social media user, voiced concerns, asking, “What is BJP leadership doing to support their supporters? When will they initiate FIRs?”

The incident has not only thrown light on the issue of violence against women but also raised broader concerns about political violence and protection of minority rights in West Bengal. As the community awaits further developments, the call for justice continues to resonate, urging authorities to address the incident promptly and ensure the safety of all citizens, regardless of their political beliefs.

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