Bokaro: Muslim Teacher, Wife Allegedly Tortured in Police Custody Entire Night


Wheelbound Amanat Hussain along with his wife

Waquar Hasan | Clarion India

NEW DELHI – Amanat Hussain, 47, a teacher by profession, alleged he suffered third degree torture at the hands of police in the lock up. He said he was brutally beaten up and the nails of his feet plucked at Balidih police station in Bokaro after being tied with ropes over suspicion of theft.

In his complaint filed with the Superintendent of Police on Saturday, Hussain said he was summoned for interrogation on Thursday evening at the police station in a case relating to theft in a neighboring house on 15 December.

Giving a graphic account of the trauma, he said he, along with his wife Hazra Begum, was locked up in a room and beaten up by SHO Nutan Modi and other policemen the whole night in the name of interrogation.

‘I was tied by the SHO with the help of his colleagues and went on thrashing me with all their might the whole night taking a small break after every hour. All the while my wife was pushed around by the male policemen by her hair in my presence.’

Such was the severity of the beating that, “My soles ruptured under the impact of the incessant hitting by batons. They did not stop there, but went on pluck the nails of my feet causing so much pain that I lost conscious instantly. Both me and my wife were treated as hardened criminals and tortured accordingly,” he said in the complaint.

The couple was not given food the whole night of brutality by the police. After the nightlong torture, they were released only after the mukhiya of their village pleaded with the police. Ever since the nightmare, the couple is unable to walk due to the beating in the lockup.

Talking to Clarion India, Hussain said he being a teacher commanded tremendous respect in his village, Makhdoompur. The suspicion of theft against him is outrageous as everyone in the entire village testifies his  good character. How the police could suspect him of theft when there is not an iota of evidence against him.

The reason behind the suspicion of the theft is that he used to sleep at that house during night at the instance of the owner who requested him to do so while leaving for Delhi for treatment of his daughter. The day the theft was committed, he could not go to sleep at the house as he fell ill. He said he answered all the questions asked by the police during the interrogation.

Hussain demanded that all policemen, who tortured him and his wife, be sacked. In his complaint, he threatened to commit suicide along with his family members in front SP office if the erring officers are not expelled.

SHO Nutan Modi refused to comment on the allegation of torture levelled by Hussain. However, he informed about an inquiry ordered by the DSP to look into the allegations.

A local activist Sajid Hussain, said that this was not the first time when allegation of torture was levelled against the Balidih police station. Even Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren took notice of a case of torture of adivasi minor boys.

Sajid alleged that Nutan is known for her illegal activities and highhandedness, but no action has been taken against her despite complaints owing to her proximity to some ministers in the state. He appealed to human rights groups in Delhi to pay attention towards the behaviour of Nutan Modi.

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