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BJP Will be in Power Till 2047, Claims BJP Leader Ram Madhav

BJP’s national general secretary Ram Madhav

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AGARTALA, TRIPURA — BJP’s national general secretary Ram Madhav on Friday claimed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will break the Congress’s record of ruling the country for the longest period and the BJP will remain in power when the nation would celebrate its 100 years of independence.

“A strong government is formed under Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the second time at the centre. Now, this government will run for a longer duration,” said Madhav.

Addressing a rally in Agartala, Madhav also claimed “nationalism is in the DNA of BJP” and lavished praise on voters in the state for choosing Prime Minister Narendra Modi who, he claimed, would make a “new India where there will be no homelessness, joblessness will end”.

“If there is any party which has been in power for the longest duration it is Congress, it was Congress, which ruled the country after Independence from 1950 to 1977. I assure you that Modi Ji is going to break that record. There will be BJP in power till the time we enter 100th year of independence in 2047,” said Ram Madhav on Friday.

“Modiji’s BJP is the present of this country, the future will also be Modiji’s BJP. In 2022, we will make a new India where there will be no homelessness, joblessness will end. In 2047 on the centenary of independence, India will stand as a ‘vishwa guru’,” Madhav said.

“Nationalism is in the DNA of BJP, it is BJP’s identity. Whether elections are going on or not, BJP means nationalism, nationalism means BJP,” he added.

Hundreds of BJP supporters and leaders took part in a rally that was held in Agartala as they celebrated the victory of the BJP candidates in both the parliamentary constituencies of the state.

Madhav also praised the people of the state for choosing Modi as the Prime Minister for the second term by sending two MPs from the state for the first time.

BJP won 303 of 542 of the Lok Sabha seats to claim an outright majority and won both Lok Sabha seats from Tripura.

(With inputs from ANI)

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