BJP to Use Urdu for Promotion of Modi Government’s Work among Muslims


NEW DELHI – Ahead of the next parliamentary election in 2024, the BJP has planned to also use Urdu as the language of communication to reach out to Muslims especially the backward or Pasmanda. The whole exercise is aimed to communicate with madarsa educated Muslims who only know how to read and write in Urdu.

Sources said that the BJP Minority Morcha will now also use Urdu as one of the languages to reach out to the community members with the work of the Narendra Modi government and a direction in this regard has been issued. It is learnt that Urdu will be used to create awareness about the welfare and development initiatives of the Modi government in social media, party literature and media campaigns.

The initiative is focused on explaining to the large population in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and other states who only read and write Urdu. Currently the party uses Hindi, English and regional languages to communicate with them.

“Now onwards, we will also use Urdu as a language of communication other than Hindi, regional languages and English. Many people, especially the seniors of the community, only read and write in Urdu and by using the language we will be able to communicate with them in their preferred language,” national media in-charge of the BJP Minority Morcha Syed Yasir Jilani told IANS. Jilani explained all the government welfare policies which have benefited the citizens including Muslims will be shared in Urdu to make them aware about it.

“Modi government’s welfare schemes have benefitted everyone including Muslims and especially the backward Muslims or Pasmanda. The BJP Minority Morcha will use Urdu in its campaign material on different platforms to spread the work of the Modi government. Through Urdu, we will reach out to them in their language,” he added.

In the recent BJP National Executive Committee meeting held this month in Hyderabad, Prime Minister Modi had asked the party leaders to explore new social equations within minority communities. After the Prime Minister’s advice, the BJP is working to reach out to the minorities with special focus on the backward Muslims also known as Pasmanda who comprise around 80 per cent of the community’s population.

A senior BJP functionary felt that reaching out to backward Muslims will help the party ahead of the 2024 Lok Sabha polls. -IANS

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