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Athens Again, 2015 – Dr Badri Raina

Demonstrators show solidarity with Greece in Trafalgar Square, London on Saturday, ahead of Sunday’s referendum. Image credit: Matthew Chatte/Shutter Stock



Athens, from your ancient loins
You engendered Europe.
Mussolini and the Reich dismantled
Your doing, letting Uncle Sam
To gobble her up.
The dollar became her enchanter,
Instead of Rus and the red army
Who shed most of the blood.


But now Socrates and Pericles
Are back, setting the polis free
To answer exploitative centralism
With good old democracy.


Whatever be the consequence
For now, Athens, know that you
Have struck a historic blow
For life-infusing resistance.
However the oppressor may
Pull the monetary string, you
Have brought the little people
Back into  the reckoning.



–This first appeared in Z Net

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