Abdul Qadir of Udaipur Flies Record 500 Kites to Back Indian Cricket Team


Renowned kite maker from Rajasthan showcases patriotism with a spectacular display of patriotism and skills

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NEW DELHI – Abdul Qadir, an acclaimed kite maker from the Rajasthan city of Udaipur, has achieved a feat that has captured the hearts and minds of thousands of his countrymen. 

Abdul Qadir and his team gathered at the dry pit of Fateh Sagar, near Rajiv Gandhi Park, to fly an astonishing 500 kites simultaneously. Each kite bore a message of support and optimism: ‘India will win the T20 World Cup’.

The cricket tournament is being played in the United States and the West Indies with India already advancing to the Super 8 segment.

The feat was achieved on the Nirjala Ekadashi, an important Hindu observance, which fell on June 18 this year, reports reaching here said on Thursday.

The Udaipur event, witnessed by enthusiastic spectators, featured an array of specially crafted kites, each designed to celebrate Team India’s campaign in the upcoming T20 World Cup. Among the diverse collection were 500 traditional kites alongside unique creations such as heart-shaped ‘Eye Love Udaipur’, Cobra, Parachute, Lifter, Octopus, Tiger, Box-shaped, and Circular kites.

Speaking about his inspiration and the significance of the occasion, Abdul Qadir said he aimed to blend tradition with a message of encouragement for the Indian cricket team. “The kites we flew symbolise our collective hopes and support for India’s victory in the T20 World Cup.”

Abdul Qadir comes from a lineage deeply rooted in the art of kite flying, with three generations dedicated to perfecting this craft. “My grandfather Noor, and father Abdul Rasheed, were pioneers in kite making and flying. Today, I continue their legacy, spreading joy through this traditional art form,” he said.

The intricate process of creating and flying over 500 kites requires meticulous planning and skill. Each kite is painstakingly crafted with a wooden bow and cloth, balanced to perfection for optimal flight. “The key lies in maintaining balance and aerodynamics. It took us nearly 15 days to prepare these kites, ensuring each one is unique and capable of soaring high,” Abdul Qadir explained.

Abdul Qadir’s dedication to kite flying has earned him recognition across the country. He has competed in numerous competitions nationwide, winning accolades including the prestigious title of Best International Kite Runner. Reflecting on his journey, Abdul Qadir expressed gratitude for the support received from his family and the community.

As the kites soared gracefully above Udaipur’s skyline, spectators marvelled at the spectacle, capturing the moment on their mobile phones. Abdul Qadir’s endeavour not only celebrates a cultural tradition but also embodies the spirit of unity and optimism among the people.

Abdul Qadir’s record-breaking feat of flying 500 kites in unison not only showcases his unparalleled skill but also stands as a testament to the enduring charm and artistry of kite flying in Rajasthan. With each kite carrying a message of hope, Abdul Qadir has woven together patriotism and tradition, leaving a lasting impression on all who witnessed this extraordinary display.

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