100 Indian Billionaires Have As Much Wealth As 40% Population: Rahul Gandhi


Rahul Gandhi. — IANS

Rahul Gandhi once again spelled out his theory of two India. “In India, on the one hand, there are billionaires and on the other hand there are unemployed. We do not want such  India.” he said

PANAJI — India’s top 100 billionaires have as much wealth as 40 per cent of the country’s population, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said on Friday.

Speaking at an election rally at the Curchorem assembly constituency in South Goa, Gandhi once again spelled out his theory of two India, which he had first advocated in Parliament earlier this month.

“In India, on the one hand, there are billionaires and on the other hand there are unemployed.

“Today, India’s richest 100 persons have as much money as 40 per cent of the Indian population. On the one hand, there is 40 per cent of India’s population and on the other hand, 100 billionaires.

“Today, 90 percent profit goes to 20 businesses,” Gandhi said.

“The country is being further divided. On the one hand, there are a select few rich and lakhs, crores of poor on the other. We do not want such a Goa and India. If India is a country, everyone should get the opportunity, there should be justice. We want such a Goa, such an India,” he added.

Gandhi also faulted the Central government for growing unemployment in the country.

“Why did employment opportunities disappear? Who creates employment? Employment is created by people who run small and medium businesses. Employment is created by small businessmen, small shop owners. Over the last eight years, the government in Delhi has attacked them,” Gandhi said, blaming demonetisation and a flawed Goods and Services Tax for the phasing out of small businesses and industries.

“GST was (also) not implemented in the correct manner. Small and medium businessmen were affected. As a result, those small and medium business owners who were providing employment, their businesses shut down. They cannot provide employment anymore,” he said.

Gandhi said that the electoral contest in Goa was between the BJP and the Congress, urging voters not to cast ballots in favour of smaller parties in the fray.

“The fight is between the BJP and the Congress. The rest of the parties cannot form a government. The government will be formed by the Congress and not the rest of the parties. So do not waste your vote. Congress should win with a full majority in Goa,” he said.

Polling to the 40-member Goa Assembly will be held on February 14. — IANS

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