Young Indians See Time and Freedom, Rather Than Wealth, As Luxury


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According to a study, Millennials in India equate personal time and freedom with luxury

NEW DELHI — For 40 per cent Indians, the idea of luxury is associated with more personal time and freedom and not in accumulating material things, a new global survey has revealed.

The survey, concluded by Taiwanese tech major ASUS, found that in India, 40 percent of respondents see luxury as the ability to do things in their own way. The “Millennial Consumer Global Survey” involved 2,630 consumers between 19 and 35 years of age across five regions, including India, the US, Britain, Russia and Indonesia, reported IANS.

“We originally conducted this survey to learn more about the role of tablets in the lives of people who use our technology, but in that process we found that Millennials define luxury in a new way,” Erik Hermanson, head of marketing (mobile products) at ASUS, said. The findings showed that Millennials (born after 1980), instead of seeing luxury in terms of material things, associate the idea of luxury with personal time and freedom.

Sixty nine percent of Millennials surveyed believe that devices like tablets help them enjoy everyday life and do the things that they love the most, while providing a sense of freedom.Sixty five percent said tablets give them more flexibility and enhance their free time. The survey was part of the “Luxury on Your Terms” global marketing campaign by ASUS.



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