You Say BJP Dangerous for India, Then Why Delhi Poll Alliance: Pavan Varma to Nitish

Nitish Kumar

Caravan News

NEW DELHI – Days after JD(U) announced it would fight the Delhi Assembly elections in alliance with BJP, the party’s national general secretary Pavan Varma has written to Bihar CM Nitish Kumar, asking him for “ideological clarity” given the Bihar’s CM’s “own views on the BJP, and the massive national outrage against the divisive CAA-NPR-NRC scheme”.

In the letter, a copy of which he tweeted, Varma says even after joining hands with the BJP in Bihar, Nitish had maintained the saffron party was “leading India into a dangerous space” and “destroying institutions”. The JD(U) leader asks Nitish why, despite these reservations, the party extended its alliance with the BJP beyond Bihar, when even its “standing allies like the Akali Dal have refused to do so”.

Varma, a former IFS official, says even before he had formally resigned from the service, Nitish had in 2012 told him “Narendra Modi and his policies were inimical to the country”, and after “changing tracks in 2017”, the Bihar CM’s “private apprehensions regarding the BJP did not change”.

“I remember you confessing to me in private how the current leadership in the BJP party has humiliated you,” the letter says, adding that Nitish had felt “democratic and socialist forces within the country needed to regroup”, a task for which he “actually assigned a senior party official.”

“I think there is an urgent need for the JD(U) to harmonise what the party’s Constitution says, what the leader of the party feels in private, and what actions the party takes in public,” the letter adds.

This is not the first time Varma has written an open letter to Nitish on CAA-NRC. Earlier in January, he had asked his party chief to reject the “divisive CAA-NPR-NRC scheme”, describing the move as a “nefarious agenda to divide India and create a great deal of unnecessary social turbulence”.

JD(U) is contesting two seats in Delhi in alliance with the BJP — the Purvanchali-dominated Burari and Sangam Vihar — and Nitish is expected to campaign for the candidates.


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